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The best hiking trails in Europe

Did you know FlixBus travels to some of the best hiking trails in Europe? There has never been a better time to go hiking. The extensive FlixBus network connects people and places all over Europe with over 1000 destinations.  Whether you are looking to do an eight-day-trek across tough terrain, or a simple “walk in the park” with your family, we have something for you! We’ve created a guide of some of the hiking trails that we think you’ll love.
So, get your bags packed and your hiking boots on, and we’ll see you on the bus!  

What are the most important things to bring when going hiking?

  • Suitable footwear – there is a big difference between a two-hour hike and a two-day hike. We recommend you take care of your feet, wear comfortable socks and appropriate boots. 
  • Map & compass – we wouldn’t rely too heavily on Google Maps in the mountains! 
  • Wear multiple layers – keep your body temperature regulated. Pack plenty of light insulating fleece jackets, rain jackets and comfortable shorts and trousers. 
  • Food & Drink – for a multi-day hike, we suggest a hydration system to keep you on your toes. Be sure to remember to keep your energy levels high with snacks during your adventure. 
  • Torch – pitching a tent in the dark isn’t easy. 
  • First Aid Kit – just in case of a couple of cuts and bruises. Better safe than sorry! 
  • Sun protection – spending all day in the sun can take its toll. So, take your hat, sunglasses and sun cream.

There are plenty of other things you can bring as well; insect repellent, binoculars, trekking poles, a quick-drying towel, toilet paper, cups and so many others. Pack smart, and if there is one tip you take from us, tell someone your itinerary for your trip. We want all our customers safely on the bus home again, so take care, have fun and have an awesome adventure!

Travel to the Rheinsteig with FlixBus

The Rheinsteig - Germany

As one of the most famous hiking trails in Germany, the Rheinsteig stretches a vast 320 kilometres from Wiesbaden to Bonn. There are 21 stages on this route varying in length from 8km to 21km, each offering their own unique sights and stories. From small hot water spa towns to massive medieval castles, the Rheinsteig trail has its very own way of capturing Germany’s history and beauty in one. Many of the stages will work up a sweat as you ascend and descend through the stunning woodlands and valleys. The smell of nature is captivating as you lose your thoughts in the vineyards, especially those on the Johannisberg (stage 4). While the Johannisberg castle is not directly on the trail, it is only a short walk from the signposted route and the walk through the famous slopes of the vineyard will not leave you disappointed. The Riesling grapes have been planted on the hillside for centuries, and in 1775 this exact location was where the idea of the late harvest was born. Wine on the Rhine doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Enjoy the best hiking trails in Europe

Another stage worth mentioning is stage 12, between Lahnstein and Koblenz (Coblenz), and Koblenz can be easily reached with the FlixBus network. The meeting point of the magnificent river Rhine and the river Lahn creates quite the spectacle. Often referred to as a romantic route, this trek through the Nassau nature park has both fascinating valleys and astonishing views from the hills. The soothing sound of the water is the perfect soundtrack for a heartfelt walk with your close friends or loved one along the river. So, if you are looking for something challenging yet beautiful, the Rheinsteig trail is waiting for you.

Where are the closest FlixBus bus stops to the Rheinsteig? Bonn – Coblenz – Wiesbaden

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Enjoy hiking through the Westweg

The Westweg - Germany

The Westweg is the most famous hiking trail in the Black Forest region. The Westweg has been explored and hiked since the early 1900’s, yet the impression it leaves on its visitors will never get old. The tremendous views through the forest and along the mountain ridges vary greatly as you rise above the “Schwarzwald”. There is a lot of ascending during this trek, across many steep routes, yet the reward for your effort is definitely worth it. Climbing the Feldberg mountain, nearly 1500 metres high, creates astounding memories as you gaze out upon the forest beneath you. The Westweg trail has so much to offer, from the towering trees in the depths of the Black Forest, to magnificent mountains that you meet on your way. There is one thing that is consistent as you take on this hike, and that is the sheer beauty of the German landscape.  

See the beautiful rivers that lead to the waterfall at Triberg

The Westweg trail is maintained by the hiking organisation “Schwarzwaldverein”, who are responsible for the well-marked routes. One iconic sight that shouldn’t be missed is the waterfall at Triberg. It is one of the highest waterfalls in Germany starting at nearly 900 metres above sea level and falls a staggering 160 metres. The white water tumbles down the mountain and breaks into what appears to be many mini-waterfalls. The sound of water running and crashing down the mountain is as soothing to your ears, as it is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. The Triberg waterfall is what the beauty of nature is all about, entranced by the tranquillity and peace before you, bringing you back to the simplicity of the world we live in.  

Where are the closest FlixBus stops to the Westweg? Basel – Freiburg – Offenburg - Baden-Baden - Pforzheim 

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See the beauty of the Zirbenweg with FlixBus

The Zirbenweg - Austria

The Zirbenweg is a beautiful short stroll through the Alps. The trail itself is only 8 kilometres long, and is perfect for short walks with the family, or creating special moments with those who you truly care about. What makes this route more special than your usual walk in the park is that it is situated roughly 2,000 metres above sea level! Your FlixBus will leave you in Innsbruck and it’s just a quick spin on public transportation to reach Igls or Tulfes, with both villages sitting at the foot of the mountains. Both provide gondolas (lifts) to the start of the trek. At this height, this simple walk is both refreshing and energising. The beautiful Stone Pine trees make up a large portion of the walk, but there are plenty of clearings and openings that almost sneak up on you, and the views leave you breathless. From late spring until autumn, the Alpine roses bloom giving the visitors an added treat. Looking out over 400 peaks in the Alps is truly astonishing.

For a hike that can be done in just a few hours, it really is a gorgeous gem hidden away in the Austrian Alps. The sun, the snow-capped peaks, the surroundings in general, are all spectacular. These magnificent mountains are really something special, and it is the perfect trail for those who are looking for a relaxing day out surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Where is the closest FlixBus bus stop to the Zirbenweg? Innsbruck

Cinque Terre - Italy

Think of the Cinque Terre as a web of walks that stretch around and through 5 villages (Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore) along the astounding Italian coastline . Before you even exit the bus, the views through your FlixBus window will leave you amazed. There are plenty of locations that offer you the sun and the sea, but very few places on Earth compare to the sensational beauty of Cinque Terre.

The “Parca nazionale delle Cinque Terre” is a world heritage site and is very well maintained by the proud locals. Many of the main trails are very well signposted, but plenty of the smaller paths aren’t. We recommend you pick up a small map of the trails in the area, and let your adventure begin! On this map, there is also the train lines and timetables. This can come in very handy when you’ve walked for 4 hours and need to get back to your hotel for a well-deserved rest! NOTE: there is a cost to walk parts of these trails, although it is not very expensive. It is in the region of €7 and to include train travel as well, it is around €12 for both!

You have to experience Cinque Terre for yourself to believe its beauty

So what do we think are the best trails to hike?!

Monterosso to Vernazza: This walk should only take two hours, but when you see the sun shimmer off the sea, you might want to take a little bit longer. There are two routes between these beautiful villages. We recommend the high path! This route is slightly harder, as you climb and descend around 800 metres in total. But, if ever in your life you are rewarded for your hard work, this is it. The views along the mountainside, the fresh air filling up your lungs, the sight and sound of the sea, they are all majestic.  All the stresses of life seem to vanish, as you can’t take your eyes off the beauty that is the Italian coastline.

Riomaggiore to Montenero: This uphill climb has many joys; monasteries, vineyards, olive groves, friendly farmers, and of course, that view. This is a short walk that heads north from the southernmost village of Cinque Terre villages, Riomaggiore. We recommend spending a little bit of time in this beautiful village before you begin. Famous for its small bronze beach, and its local wine, you won’t be disappointed.

Experience the beauty of the Cinque terre when you Flix&Hike
Walk these beautiful trails

See all of Cinque Terre's 5 villages in one day!

This particular route stays close to the water, minimises the distance between the villages, and leaves you with a 7-mile trek. This is the perfect route if you only have one day to see the beauty of Cinque Terre.

  • Begin in Riomaggiore and head towards Manarola. A short romantic walk awaits you, called the Via dell’Amore. This “Lover’s Walk”, with its stone beaches and sandstone rock faces, is a simple yet stunning way to begin your day. 
  • The second stage is Manarola to Corniglia on the Coast. The only section of the walk that strays from the water for a part. Often feeling like walking back in time, you enjoy the 1,000-year-old Romanesque church, the old-style main square, and the Medieval streets.
  •  As you reach Corniglia, the terrain becomes a little tougher, the trail becomes narrower, and the view becomes even more spectacular. One thing you will notice on this route toward Vernazza is the beautiful flowers that line the mountainside. The added colour brings a vibrant feel to the already supreme sights.

The beauty of Cinque Terre at night
  • Vernazza is a spectacle. Approaching from a slight height, you see the unmistakeable castle, round stone watchtower and the Santa Margherita d’Antiocha church. Looking past these archaic monuments, you see the picturesque harbour, the gentle waves and the small fishing boats bobbing in the water. If you have the time, stay here for a few hours, eat some of the Italian cuisine, and appreciate the natural wonders of our Earth. 
  • Eventually, you will have to drag yourself away from the enchanting Vernazza and head towards your final stop, Monterosso! Just over an hour walk away, you begin to catch a glimpse of the most Northern village of the Cinque Terre. Along your walk, you realise there is something fascinating about what you’ve just done. Looking out at the same sea and the same sun for hours, yet you still get that same initial feeling… wow.

When you reach Monterosso, the feeling you’ll have will be indescribable. Find a restaurant and relax with a glass of Cinque Terre wine produced with the grapes from the surrounding hills or sit back on the beach and watch the sunset over the Punta Mesco mountain. You will truly appreciate the beauty of the Cinque Terre. 

Where is the closest FlixBus bus stop to Cinque Terre? La Spezia

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There's plenty of things to do around Lake Bled

Lake Bled - Slovenia

As we previously said, there is a FlixBus bus stop situated in Bled which makes Lake Bled the perfect place for a day or weekend hike! You certainly won’t be alone hiking around this magnificent lake as it is a tourist favourite, but when you reach Bled, you’ll understand why. It is an ideal spot for hikers, honeymooners, or anyone who loves the immaculate nature of the outdoors. The most famous sight in Bled is the church upon Bled Island. As you walk around this enchanting lake, there are many opportunities to get a “pletna” (local boat) out to the island for a small fee. Upon the island, you’ll find 99 steps leading up to the fairy-tale-like church. For the romantics among you, legend has it that if a husband can carry his new bride up the steps, a long and happy marriage awaits them.

Walking through the woodlands around the lake provides visitors with spectacular sights. The sun setting over the mountains, casting its final beams onto the lake is a dream that everyone should see at least once in their life. Lake Bled provides a sense of freedom and a peacefulness that can only be found in nature. We highly recommend this walk around Lake Bled and the surrounding areas. And with our network so well connected you can reach Bled with FlixBus from major cities like Munich and Salzburg!

Where is the closest FlixBus bus stop to Lake Bled? Bled

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