Oktoberfest 2019

Bus travel to Oktoberfest

What you need to know about Oktoberfest 2019?

When is Oktoberfest 2019?

Oktoberfest 2019 will take place from the 22nd of September until the 7th of October.

Where does Oktoberfest take place?

Oktoberfest takes place at Theresienwiese, Munich.

Oktoberfest beer prices

The official beer prices for 2019 differ depending on the tent, but they range between 10 and 11 euros. Remember your waiter always  expects a tip - have those euros ready!

How to get to Oktoberfest?

The central bus station is only 5 minutes walking distance from the Oktoberfest grounds. You just have to follow the bridge south (Hackerbrücke) and go straight. Or you can just follow the crowd, since everyone goes the same direction.

If walking is not for you, why don't you take the public transport? You can get the underground and hop off at Theresienwiese or at Poccistrasse.

6 reasons to travel to Oktoberfest with FlixBus

Drop off by the central station

Your bus arrives at Munich central station. This is just a 10 minute walk from Oktoberfest! Not sure where to go? Follow the crowds coming from the nearby S-Bahn.

No car needed

No Car, No Problem! No designated drivers, no worrying about finding a car parking spot, nothing but a great experience! 

Night bus

Book a night coach with FlixBus, and save and sleep! Don't pay hundreds of euros for accommodation in Munich. We'll take you home after Oktoberfest!

Don't drink and drive

Enjoy your Maßbeer, sing, dance and love your day and night! Don't worry about getting home, we have that covered for you! Oktoberfest is an experience of a lifetime, so enjoy every minute of it!

Rebooking a ticket

You can rebook your ticket up until 15 minutes before departure. If you find a place to stay all of a sudden, feel free to rebook your ticket for the next morning. If you're flexible, we're flexible!

Snacks on board

Don't worry about being peckish after  a whole day of partying! We have plenty of snack and drinks on board!

Find the best alternative to accommodation in Munich

Are you stressed out because you can’t find accommodation in Munich during Oktoberfest? No problems! With FlixBus you can travel by night and be there just in time when the beer-drinking starts! When the day is over, take the night bus home and relax.

Can't find cheap accommodation in Munich during Oktoberfest? 

You've tried everything, but you can't justify spending crazy money on a small room/sofa/tent! We don't blame you! That's why FlixBus is offering our overnight bus service during Oktoberfest. Don't waste money on accommodation. Book a night bus with FlixBus: Save and sleep! You can even buy water from our bus drivers on the way home. And with Oktoberfest just 10 minutes from our bus stop, you can still enjoy every minute and make it to Munich central station with plenty of time to spare! 

Alternative to Accommodation during Oktoberfest!

  • Book your night bus with FlixBus
  • Sleep on the bus
  • Arrive in Munich in the morning, just when Oktoberfest starts
  • Drink 2 beers minimum (they say that drinking less is bad luck)
  • ​Have a pork knuckle
  • Dance and sing along to ‘Sweet Caroline’ or 'Angels'... Yes, it is mandatory! ♪ ♫ 
  • Oktoberfest ends around 11:30 p.m., so you can walk back to Munich ZOB (10 minutes from Theresienwiese) and from there, you can take your night bus back home

If you decide to stay another day or leave at a different hour, no problems! You can rebook your trip until 15 minutes before your bus leaves.

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Take a look at our Oktoberfest tips before going, they may come in useful!

  • Dance on the bench as hard as you can, they are break-proof (really)
  • Go on the rides before you start drinking (you'll thank us later!)
  • Practice your German skills: when the German songs start coming, just sing along! (or make up your own lyrics)
  • The terror house is very scary, not for the faint-hearted 
  • If you want a souvenir from Oktoberfest, don’t even think about stealing a beer mug. You could get a pretty high fine.
  • Don’t ‘cheers’ too hard, or your beer mug will break, who'd want to waste Bavarian beer?!
  • Take it easy (seriously). If you’re going to spend the entire day at Oktoberfest, you will have a lot of time to drink beer and have fun - don't crash before lunch time!

You don’t speak German? Here is what you need to know: