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Lost and Found

Did you leave something behind on the bus due to all the excitement, anticipation or relaxation?

No problem! Just fill out the lost & found office form below. You can also view current information on your case at any time by entering your booking number in the status form.

We'll send you an email immediately if we find your lost object. If we don't find anything, you'll receive an email within 14 days.

FlixTip! To help us match your description with the item you lost, please describe it in as much detail as possible. Also, pay special attention to the Lost item type field: if you left a laptop in a backpack, then choose "Bags and Luggage" in the form and write "contains laptop" in the description.

Please note: You do not need to send us another email or call us again - the current status of your inquiry is always available to you online. Thank you.

Register your lost object here