Take a night bus to Europe's most popular cities

You can travel throughout Europe with our night bus

Don't want to spend a day travelling? Want to be able to travel through Europe faster than ever? Want to choose from hundreds of connections?

Our night bus travels to many European cities each night. You can buy your ticket directly from the driver so you don't even need to book in advance - perfect for a spontaneous getaway! With even fewer stops than when travelling in the day your travel time will be significantly shorter

Our ticket prices are unbeatable, but remember: the earlier you book the cheaper your ticket will be. Thanks to our convenient services on board, you will be able to comfortably sleep on your coach for the duration of your trip. Spacious leg room and adjustable seats will allow you to relax and sleep all the way to your destination. You have the opportunity to buy snacks & drinks on board, in addition to this there is of course a toilet on all of our coaches meaning that short stops are unneccessary and our drivers can get you from A to B through the night as quickly as possible. Just like our coaches in the day, our night buses have plug sockets and free Wi-Fi for your convenience. So take a look at our extensive route network below, book your night bus and snuggle up and watch a film for the duration of your trip!

How would you like to travel with our night bus from Prague to Hamburg or from Rotterdam to Paris? Or perhaps from The Hague to Paris, another alternative overnight bus route. Soon you will be able to arrive in every major city in Europe overnight, due to how rapidly our night bus network is developing. You can easily book your tickets online, via our app, in one of our shops or directly from the bus driver. Then you can get a good night's sleep and arrive in your destination ready to explore!

Our night buses are actually surprisingly efficient: no other means of transport is as energy efficient and produces such a small amount of greenhouse gases per person as our coaches, in comparison to planes, trains and cars. Therefore you can explore Europe on one of our environmentally friendly, fast and comfortable night buses.

Night travel to Milan, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Turin...

...to name just a few! If you would like to explore Europe and prefer not to travel when it's bright outside then take one of our night buses. Our night bus route network is constantly expanding so be sure to check this page frequently - if we don't travel overnight to your desired destination yet, we will soon! Like our Facebook page so you are always the first to find out about all of our new connections!