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Bus stops in Paris

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Paris (Bercy Seine)


Paris (Massy-Palaiseau -Bus Stop on "Rue Carnot")

Paris (Ivry-sur-Seine)

Paris (Pont de Sèvres)

Paris (Porte de la Villette)

Paris (Porte de Saint Ouen) - Hotel F1

Paris (Saint-Denis University)

Paris La Défense (Terminal Jules Verne)

Paris Pont de Levallois

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Things to do in Paris

About Paris

The capital city of France is without question one of the most popular and romantic cities in Europe and is one of the largest metropolis regions in Europe. You can travel from hundreds of European cities, including London, to Paris, and explore the French capital yourself! Paris played a large role not only in Europe’s history, but also in the history of the world, where the political and economic importance of the city remains today. Taking a coach to Paris will also present you with a wide range of cultural opportunities. Choose from one of the many museums, such as the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay and the Centre Pompidou – all offering different artistic and cultural perspectives. If you like to hit the shops then Paris is the perfect bus destination for you. Not only is it the home of the original Haute Couture but there are also countless other shopping centres and districts for our bus passengers. Paris is an explosion of culture and history with countless attractions offering something for everyone!

Things to do in Paris

A wide variety of attractions means that our passengers will be spoiled for choice when their coach arrives in Paris! First, a visit to one of France and Paris’ most famous landmark’s, the Eiffel Tower, is an absolute must. The iron tower, standing at a staggering 324 meters, was originally built as a commemoration for the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution and served as the entrance and viewing tower for the World Fair. Nowadays, the Eiffel Tower is a magnet for tourists, having already attracted 250 million visitors since it’s opening, it has been the epicentre of so many romantic getaways for thousands of couples, with an average of 2 marriage proposals taking place every day. If you are interested in culture then a trip to the prestigious Louvre should not be missed. Especially since it was the central stage for the world best seller “The Da Vinci Code,” where every child knows the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper created by Leonardo Da Vinci. The Louvre does not only exhibit these famous pieces of art, but also offers a wide range of cultural delights bringing out the inner artist in every visitor. Due to the large queues, it is recommended that you buy your ticket in advance so to avoid any disappointment or standing in long queues to see the impressive exhibits. The “Notre-Dame Cathedral,” also known as just the “Notre-Dame” was made famous by Victor Hugo’s French Romance novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” The Cathedral was erected from 1163 to 1345 and is considered one of the earliest and most renowned examples of French Gothic architecture. The Cathedral a striking part of the Paris silhouette at a staggering 69 metres. In the south of the tower is the bell “Emmanuel” which is described as playing France’s most melodious chime and can be heard throughout southern Paris on major holidays.

Paris: Culture & History

The current capital of France was known as Lutetia in 52 BC, due to Julius Caesar’s “de Bello Gallico” after the conquest of the Romans, but remained relatively insignificant in the history books. It wasn't until the Middle Ages that the construction of various significant religious buildings and the earlier form of the present Louvre began. Paris became the political centre of France, especially because of its large population and the leading economic role that it played in France. In 1789 Paris was a part of one of the most significant events of modern times: the French Revolution. This eventually led to the abolition of the monarchy and the introduction of the first French Republic. The city was the centre point of 6 different World Fairs in the years 1855 to 1937 emphasizing the cultural and political importance of the city. The Global Economic Crisis and several wars with Germany caused great instability in the economics of Paris in the years to come. On August 25th 1944, Paris was finally lifted from the German occupation of Nazi Germany. Paris holds a devastating past with an incredible history. The rich history that Paris has means the city offers an extensive range of museums, memorials and historical monuments that you can explore when your coach arrives into the French capital!

Nightlife in Paris

Paris is a city where disappointment is unheard of, and that is most definitely true where the city's nightlife is concerned. Paris attracts thousands of tourists each yearthe nightlife in different areas of the city; however, this can quickly become an expensive experience due to the wide variety of nightlife opportunities. The city of Paris offers a vibrant and exciting nightlife from large clubs to classic pubs, as well as expensive tourist magnets creating a vibrant Parisian mix. Famously talked about and definitely worth a visit is the world famous “Moulin Rouge.” These unique and elegant shows are definitely worth splashing some cash to see! The two most famous ‘going out’ areas in Paris are Bastille and Oberkampf in district 11. In these areas, you will find restaurants, bars and clubs for every taste. If you would prefer to relax and enjoy a quiet beer in the evening, before your coach takes you home the next day, then you should visit the Marais district. You should pay attention that in Paris there is little distinction between bars and cafés as both cafés and bars are open late serving beer and coffee! You will also notice that “bière à la pression" (draught beer) are not sold in pints but in 250ml glasses instead!

Interesting facts about Paris

The capital of France has a lot of customs that are particularly unique to the country. For example, differentiating from the 10% tip policies that You should obey throughout most European countries to avoid any glares from the waiters and waitresses. In Paris however, You tip what You are told to pay and no more – tipping is not a necessity nor a compliment. You should, however, be on guard in Paris as pickpockets find their meal ticket very easily in Paris. It is one of the most popular cities for pickpockets and fraudsters and will try and snap up unsuspecting tourists’ travel money.

Explore the surrounding areas of Paris

The surrounding areas of Paris offer just as many must-see attractions as Paris itself. The Île-de-France is a region in north France, and is one of the large4st metropolitan areas of France. Despite the vast density and over-population, visiting the charming landscapes should be on Your to-do list for when You travel by bus to Paris. South easterly of Paris You will find the famous forest ‘Fontainbleau,’ which not only attracts cyclists but also hikers and mountaineers. There are also, of course, too many attractions to mention for families and children. Although the most popular and a definite highlight has to be Disneyland Paris, located in Marne-la-Vallée. So if you have already seen the incredible sights of Paris, You shoudl travel by bus to visit the countless opportunities that are lie in the surrounding areas.

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