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Change or cancel a booking

Find your personal and booking information below
Rebook or cancel your journey directly on our website

Change your booking

  • Up to 15 minutes before departure
  • £1 per cancelled trip and passenger
  • Online & offline
Change your passenger information usually free of charge

Change passenger info

  • Phone number: free of charge
  • Name: free of charge, unless the trip has become more expensive
Easy booking system with FlixBus

Cancel your booking

  • With a refund voucher in the amount of the ticket price, minus £1 cancellation fee
  • Money refund possible

Cancel or change your ticket - how does it work?

Changing or cancelling your booking with us can be done up to 15 minutes before your departure, online or at one of our ticket outlets/travel agencies.

After your booking you can update your telephone number through our rebooking portal at no additional charge. 
If you would like to change the passenger’s name, this is also free of charge, but you have to pay the difference if the trip has become more expensive in the meantime.
In both cases, you will receive a new booking confirmation with a new booking number.

If you would like to rebook your trip, please follow these steps:

  • Check whether your desired new trip is available.
  • Cancel your previous booking and you will receive a voucher that you can use on your new booking.
  • Book your new trip and use the voucher that you have been issued. You will then receive a new booking confirmation and a new booking number. If the price of the new booking is more than the value of the voucher, you will have to pay the difference.

Please note that a €1 cancellation fee will be charged per passenger and per trip.
This fee will be shown to you during the cancellation process.

When you cancel your booking, you will receive a voucher equal to the price of your original booking, less a €1 cancellation fee for each cancellation process per passenger and per trip. The voucher remains valid for 12 months and can be used repeatedly until the balance has been used up. 

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