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Things to do in Amsterdam

Everything you need to know about Amsterdam

About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an exciting city and a popular choice for backpackers and travellers! Even though it is one of Europe's smaller metropolises, it is definitely worth crossing the border to visit the capital of the Netherlands. The port city, which is most famous for its nightlife, also has a lot of cultural offerings and countless opportunities to shop. Amsterdam is a unique city with an international and relaxed atmosphere - there really is something for each of our passengers! The capital is also the home of the largest Van Gogh collection in the world, along with the famous canal architecture and traditional Dutch pub culture – there are so many reasons to book your coach trip to Amsterdam! Is Amsterdam a stepping-stone in your European travel plans? With FlixBus you can travel to Amsterdam from over 250 cities – start planning your European adventure today!

See everything Amsterdam has to offer

Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a popular city for all ages thanks to its variety of museums and wide range of attractions! We would recommend a visit to Anne Frank’s house. This is a touching experience, as you will not only see the house itself but also the secret rooms that the famous diary frequently mentioned. For our bus passengers who enjoy research and technology, the NEMO science centre should definitely be in your itinerary for your trip to Amsterdam! The building’s impressive architecture, unusual design and large roof terrace allows both children and adults to interactively explore the world of science. A visit to the oldest building in the city, the "Oude Kerk," is a complete contrast to the NEMO museum. It was built in the 13th Century and is in the district of what we know today as the “Red Light District,” a prime example of the many different faces of Amsterdam. The Royal Palace Amsterdam is not used by the Dutch royal family nowadays but is reserved purely for state visits and receptions; however, it is possible to visit the premises of the former town hall. The diversity of the city and range of attractions that it has to offer is what makes Amsterdam one of the most popular European destinations for travellers.

Experience the vibrant culture and interesting history of Amsterdam with FlixBus

Amsterdam: Culture & History

After its initial establishment as a fishing village, Amsterdam soon became established as a trade town and has now become one of Europe’s most important trading cities. The capital city is also a cultural metropolis with a rich history. The numerous still standing warehouses and bridges of many different designs represent the boom years of the city and demonstrate Amsterdam’s prosperity. Amsterdam’s museums display masterpieces which exemplify the spectacular art that came out of the Netherlands’ Golden Ages. If you want to discover some Dutch history, we recommend a visit the National Dutch Museum where you can explore over one million different artefacts. 

Amsterdam has a unique and wonderful nightlife

Nightlife in Amsterdam

Many internationally famous DJs come from the Netherlands, so it is not surprising many people will take a bus to Amsterdam just for its nightlife. One of the best places for live music is “Paradiso,” which is known as the pop temple of Amsterdam. At “Paradiso”, you can dance to the music of your favourite DJ’s, who often drop in for live performances. “Paradiso” is also a unique nightclub as it used to be a church of the 19th Century so its building is of incredible and unique architecture. If you would like to end your day of shopping or sightseeing in a more relaxed winding down way, then you can spend your evening in one of Amsterdam’s pubs. For example, the “in het Aepjen” which is just one of Amsterdam’s pubs presenting an impressive selection of beer that you can try on your bus trip to the Netherlands capital city. 

Enjoy FlixBus' facts about Amsterdam

Interesting facts about Amsterdam

Rumor has it that there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam. So after traveling by bus to Amsterdam you should definitely hire a bike from one of the many rent a bike shops. Or alternatively, you can explore the city on the water. The city has many different canals, typical for Amsterdam, which will guide you past many of the city’s most popular attractions, which you can learn about via an audio guide while you float down the canal! If you fancy stretching your legs after you travel to Amsterdam by bus, then you can take a stroll along the canals. 

Discover the amazing surrounding areas of Amsterdam

Explore the surrounding areas of Amsterdam

Choosing your bus travel to Amsterdam guarantees that you will get the chance to relax in one of the cities many parks or gardens. One of the most beautiful parks has to be the Gaarsperplas Park in the south of the city. In this nature reserve area you can stretch your legs after you have traveled by bus to Amsterdam, or test your windsurfing ability in the water sports area.  This park is also ideal for a bike ride or to canoe, which is located at the edge of the campsite “Gaasperping.”

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Quick information about Amsterdam

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