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Traveling with FlixBus has many advantages – extensive route network all over Europe, modern comfortable buses, Wi-Fi on board… However you are right in thinking that if you want to go to New York, Dubai or maybe Hawaii, buses are not your best option. It would take you about 65 hours to get to New York from Munich, not considering mandatory breaks for our drivers (safety first!), traffic jams and the fact that buses don’t float. We can’t make buses as fast as airplanes so we did the second best thing. We now offer frequent low-cost bus connections to 18 major European airports that operate flights to anywhere in the world!

What does this mean for you? You don’t have to limit yourself to the nearest airport anymore but rather select the cheapest ticket or most convenient flight and let us take care of getting you to the airport. No more expensive parking fees. No need to worry about your baggage – check out our baggage policy. No more stress!

Did you know that there are 237 million empty seats on airplanes every year? That sounds like an opportunity to take more trips in 2017 - all you have to do is book a ticket and take a bus towards your next adventure!

Got a long time before your flight departs? Not sure how to kill the time? We have prepared some 'missions' for you to complete while you are waiting for your gate to open. Check them out below!



Frankfurt Airport
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Berlin-Tegel Airport
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Stuttgart Airport
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Munich Airport
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Berlin-Schönefeld Airport
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Memmingen Airport
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Cologne/Bonn Airport
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Euro Airport 
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Brussels Airport
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Paris CDG Airport
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Vienna-Schwechat Airport
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Warsaw Chopin Airport
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Milan-Malpensa Airport
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Flying with South African Airlines?

Have you ever wanted to visit South Africa, Namibia or Mauritius? Thanks to the cooperation between FlixBus and South African Airlines (SAA), now is the perfect time! All passengers taking off with South African Airways (SAA) from the Munich or Frankfurt am Main airports benefit from a free long-distance bus transfer at the airport thanks to the cooperation between FlixBus and SAA. Our bus schedules are synchronized with flight departure and arrival times so as to offer you the most convenient travel experience possible.

How does it work?

  • Book your SAA flight from or to Munich or Frankfurt at
  • Receive a voucher for a free airport transfer with FlixBus and book your bus ticket
  • Enjoy your trip!

EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

The EuroAirport is located on the French side of a triangle of three country borders: France, Switzerland and Germany. The airport is only a few kilometers north of Basel (Switzerland), 20 kilometers south of Mulhouse (France) and 46 kilometers away from Freiburg (Germany) and therefore serves as the main international airport of all three cities and their regions. Whether you would like to go to the airport from Basel or a city far away, check out our routes and take a FlixBus to the airport!

The airport has only one terminal with three levels. Level 2, where our FlixBuses arrive and depart from, is the level with arrivals. Departures are located on level 3, which is divided into Swiss and French sectors. In order to get to the departure gates, you need to go to level 4.

Shopping and dining opportunities are limited at this airport and most of them are located before the security check. Only some small snack shops and a duty free store are accessible after you go through security. Free Wi-Fi is available for 2 hours.

Bus stop location

  • You can find the bus stop on level 2 in the French sector.


  • EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg 68304 Saint-Louis

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Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in Europe. You can therefore count on it having a wide selection of flights to travel to all corners of the world. The airport is located approximately 12 kilometers away from Frankfurt city center.

Terminal 1, which operates all flights of Lufthansa and other airlines that are the members of the Star Alliance, is the older and larger of both terminals at Frankfurt airport. If you’re going to the airport to pick up a friend or a family member after their long flight, you will want to go to the ground floor of Terminal 1, which is where the arrivals are located. Check-in counters and departures are situated on the second floor. Terminal 2, which is the smaller terminal but by no means any less important,operates mainly flights of Oneworld and SkyTeam airline alliances.

Services at the airport vary from obligatory duty-free shops to a wedding chapel. Didn’t get the chance to get a haircut before an important meeting, forgot to send a postcard to your grandma from your vacation or want to take a shower? Not a problem. And if you and your loved one feel like eloping right before or after your romantic getaway, you can make your love eternal by getting married directly in the airport!

Enjoy some other services that Frankfurt airport provides:

  • Unlimited free Wi-Fi
  • Lounges for relaxation before or in between flights
  • Various shopping and dining opportunities

Your mission at Frankfurt Airport

  • Frankfurt Airport is huge and we're certain you will be entertained one way or another even without our help.
  • But in case you get bored anyway, this airport is perfect for people watching. People from many different countries and cultures arrive to and depart from this large European hub; why not just sit down and make up their life stories? And if you're feeling particularly social, you could also try talking to some of them.

Bus stop location

  • Terminal 1 Hugo-Eckener-Ring (parking lot P36) 60549 Frankfurt Flughafen
  • Terminal 2 Frankfurt Flughafen (FRA) 60549 Frankfurt am Main

Popular connections

Karlsruhe ↔ Frankfurt Heidelberg ↔ Frankfurt Mannheim ↔ Frankfurt

Munich International Airport

Besides being the second largest airport in Germany and therefore well connected to many exciting destinations, Munich international airport is also modern, efficient, clean and goes the extra mile for customer comfort and satisfaction. Despite its size, it is very well signed and easy to navigate around. Anyway, even if you have trouble finding your way you can always ask the airport’s friendly staff. Munich international airport is located approximately 32 kilometers north of the city of Munich. Despite some occasional confusion, it is the only airport in Munich. The Memmingen Airport (see more information below) is sometimes unofficially called Munich West because it serves as a low cost alternative to the Munich airport.

If you overlook all the airplanes landing and departing, Munich airport is basically a large shopping mall with an upscale food court and a wide selection of services and spare time activities. The shopping alone will keep you occupied for hours and you will have a hard time choosing only one place to eat. Even if you get bored at some point, you can easily find one of many chill out areas or hide in a surprisingly comfortable Napcab, connect to free unlimited Wi-Fi and relax.

Munich airport is also quite active when it comes to offering spare time activities. Airport enthusiasts can take the 50 or 90 minutes long behind the scenes tour of the facilities. The tour of the Airbus A380, the largest passenger airliner in the world, is worth checking out as well. In wintertime, you can visit a traditional German Christmas market and in summer, the fans of surfing can be a part of something very cool.

Your mission at Munich Airport

  • First step: Look the part. Start with a visit to Gössl, a shop selling everything you need to look like a proper Bavarian – you’ve seen the girls with the colorful dresses and the guys with the brown leather pants and checkered shirts, right?
  • Second step: Make it eternal. Take a selfie, your Instagram followers will want to see this. You have unlimited access to Wi-Fi at the airport so just connect your smartphone and start posting!
  • Third step: Fine dining. Now you can head to the Airbräu beer garden because it’s time for some roasted pork or delicious cheesy Käsespätzle, washed with a glass of refreshing beer brewed directly at the airport. We recommend enjoying the beer in a Maß size, since that’s what a proper Bavarian would do. (And no, that’s not a pitcher, it’s a liter glass. For one person.)
  • Fourth step: Nap time. We know that Bavarian food is rather heavy so you will want to take a nap after lunch. There are many chill out and sleeping areas (napcabs).
  • Fifth step: Think of the family. Don't forget to buy some souveniers for your family and friends. At the airport there are plenty of souvenir shops with traditional Bavarian gifts!
  • Sixth step: Don’t miss your flight!

Bus stop location

  • The bus stop is located at a bus station in between Terminals 1 and 2. Regardless of your departure terminal, your walking distance won’t be long.


  • Munich International Airport (MUC) Terminalstraße Ost 2 / 85356 Munich Germany

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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Due to its size and the large amount of travelers, it can get difficult to navigate around the airport and going through security can take up quite a lot of time. We recommend keeping that in mind and arriving to the airport in sufficient time. Walking through or in between the terminals can also be time consuming but the good news is that there are complimentary shuttle buses departing every few minutes.

When you do have time to spare, go shopping! There are some fancier shopping options, such as Dior, Prada or Hermés available at the airport, as well as more down to earth stores like for example Mango and Victoria’s secret. If you’re looking for something to eat and have plenty of time, there are some gourmet restaurants and bistros at the airport. You are short on time or you only need a snack and a coffee? The selection of cafes and fast food restaurants won’t disappoint you. Keep in mind: most of the shops and restaurants are located before security checks so if you want to have a proper lunch or buy some souvenirs, make sure to do it before you go through security!

Wi-Fi connection at the airport is free; however, you can choose to pay extra for faster connection without ads. For those travelling without a laptop there are multimedia centers with desktop computers available at various locations.

For the players there are Playstation areas where you can play the latest games free of charge. We don’t know about you but we are already planning a flight from CDG only for that reason!

Your mission at Paris CDG Airport

  • Paris is a beautiful city that has so much to offer but there seems to be one landmark that appears more often than others … The Eiffel tower!
  • Spot as many Eiffel towers as you can (on posters, in shops, its miniatures randomly standing around…)
  • Take a picture of each of them.
  • To make this extra difficult, there is one rule: The Eiffel tower on the airport logo doesn’t count!

Bus stop location

  • The bus stop is located at Terminal 3.


  • Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) Rue d'Athènes 93290 Tremblay-en-France

Popular connections 

Amsterdam ↔ Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport Lyon ↔ Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport Lille ↔ Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport

Berlin Tegel Airport

Tegel Airport is the larger of the two Berlin airports and is the main international airport of the city and its surrounding areas. It is located 8 kilometers northwest of the city center. It is planned that in a few years Berlin Tegel, as well as Berlin Schönefeld will be replaced by a new larger airport that should serve all of Berlin. Both of the current airports are still in full operation at the moment.

If you feel like some last minute shopping at the airport before your departure, we recommend doing it before going through security, since the selection of shops after security is limited to duty free and convenience stores. If you’re looking for a place to eat, you will be able to choose from many (mostly fast food) restaurants and bakeries. German bakeries usually make decent sandwiches and paninis so you won’t be disappointed.

The Wi-Fi connection is free for one hour so keep that in mind if you have a long waiting time and don’t want to pay extra.

Tegel serves as a hub for low cost airlines; AirBerlin and Eurowings (formerly Germanwings). If you decide to travel from Berlin Tegel, you can fly around the world even on a budget!

 Your mission at Tegel Airport

  • Our colleague Christina swears that it's possible to make it from the bus stop through security, all the way to the gate in 5 minutes (we are guessing there is a funny story behind it) – let's see if you can beat her time!
  • Alternatively you can watch the 11th episode of the 5th season of Homeland and spot all the airport locations where the TV show was filmed.

Bus stop location

  • The bus stop is located at Terminal A / B, behind a local bus stop "Flughafen Tegel (Airport) (Berlin)".


  • Zufahrt zum Flughafen Tegel 13405 Berlin

Popular connections

Munich ↔ Berlin Aalen ↔ Berlin Szczecin ↔ Berlin

Berlin Schönefeld Airport

The Schönefeld airport is located 18 kilometers south-east of the Berlin city center. The airport is rather small, which makes it easy to navigate, so you should be able to find your way around without any problems. It is planned that in a few years Berlin Schönefeld will be replaced by a new large airport that should serve all of Berlin. However, the airport is still in full operation at the moment.

The list of services on offer is less extensive as at larger airports but you will find all the basics. Duty free shops can be found in terminals A and D. When it comes to the selection of restaurants, you might want to consider grabbing a bite to eat before going through security. Free Wi-Fi is available for one hour.

Schönefeld serves as a base for EasyJet with whom you can fly with to around 50 destinations, such as Morocco, the UK, Israel and many more. If you’re planning a trip with RyanAir, there are plenty of destinations you can go to from Berlin Schönefeld, especially in Spain and Italy.

Your mission at Schönefeld Airport

  • Spot the construction site of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which is to replace both current Berlin’s airports in the future.

Bus stop location

  • The bus stop is at parking lot P3 in front of Terminal B.


  • Airport 12529 Berlin Flughafen Schönefeld

Popular connections 

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Allgäu Airport Memmingen

You will find this small but clean, customer friendly and efficient airport in the middle of the south German fields close to the city of Memmingen. It is quite idyllic really. Sometimes with as little as six departures a day and barely any lines at security, it doesn’t have that usual stressful airport feeling. Just arrive by bus, have a beer, connect to the free Wi-Fi, relax and wait for your departure flight.

Memmingen airport is sometimes referred to as Munich-West, since it is a popular low cost alternative to Munich airport. The airport is easily reachable by bus from Munich city center in about 90 minutes. Ryanair and Wizzair operate the majority of flights departing from Memmingen and the most airplanes are headed to popular holiday destinations in Spain, Italy, Greece and many others.

Besides the aforementioned free Wi-Fi, the services at Allgäu airport are rather modest but they suffice quite nicely. There are places you can grab a bite to eat both before and after the security check. As expected from Bavarian countryside, there is also a beer garden at the airport and a coffee shop for some dessert. A small duty free shop has all the necessities; chocolates, perfumes and a selection of spirits.

Your mission at Memmingen Airport

  • Find the park restaurant Berger's and have some traditional Bavarian specialties and of course a nice beer with it! To make it easier for you, the restaurant is located about 10 minutes by foot from the departure terminal.

Bus stop location

  • The bus stop is directly next to the terminal, you really cannot miss it!


  • Am Flughafen Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co. KG 87766 Memmingerberg Germany

Popular connections

Munich ↔ Memmingen Nuremberg ↔ Memmingen Bamberg ↔ Memmingen

Stuttgart International Airport

The international airport of Stuttgart is the sixth largest airport in Germany. It is located in the heart of the country approximately 13 kilometers away from the city of Stuttgart. Directly next to airport is the Stuttgart Trade Fair, which is very convenient for people travelling for business. Although it has four terminals, the airport is not only rather small but also clean, modern and easy to navigate.

Shopping options at the Stuttgart airport are quite limited but you won’t have trouble finding the basics. There are three duty free shops in the area after security – at terminals 1, 3 and 4. Before security checks you can find a bookstore, a convenience store and several clothing stores. If you want to eat something warm, you should do so before going through security. Why not try the beer garden at Terminal 3 that serves all the German specialties you can imagine? If you rather stick with the classics, there is a Burger King and McDonalds at Terminal 1. For an upscale airport dining experience, choose either Restaurant Top Air or the Red Baron.

You can connect to the airport’s free Wi-Fi for one hour. Afterwards you can choose to either pay extra or read a book instead.

Airlines that operate the majority of flights from or to Stuttgart airport are Eurowings, Air Berlin, Condor or TUIfly. The low-cost airline Eurowings (formerly Germanwings), which has one of its hubs here, operates flights to mostly European destinations. With Eurowings, you can choose from around 50 destinations but since many of the destinations are popular summer holiday locations, that number varies according to the season.

Your Mission at Stuttgart International Airport

Try out the flight simulator!

  • Book your flight simulator session in advance.
  • Fly the airplane without crashing it (you can't actually crash the plane, don't worry).
  • Does that sound too scary or is simulator fully booked? Keep watching videos.

Bus stop location

  • The bus stop is located at the bus terminal, approximately 5 minutes walk from the airport building. Just follow the signs and you should be at departures in no time.


  • Busterminal Messe Ost Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe 70599 Stuttgart

Popular connections

Karlsruhe ↔ Stuttgart Ulm ↔ Stuttgart Strasbourg ↔ Stuttgart

Bratislava Airport

Now you can reach Bratislava airport as comfortably as ever on board one of our FlixBuses. The airport is located about 9km away from the center of the Slovak capital. This airport, among others, is a base for the Irish low cost airline Ryanair, which connects Bratislava to 21 other European airports.

Flying from Bratislava: The airport is the main international airport in Slovakia but  by European standards is still considered rather small. The range of services provided at the airport equal its size. Shopping opportunities are limited to a couple of duty free shops and a bookstore. There is one restaurant, one coffee shop and one bar at the airport, which, if you ask us, is pretty refreshing in its simplicity.

The lack of spare time activities is made up by one thing: free Wi-Fi. Free unlimited Wi-Fi connection is accessible throughout the airport and a generous amount of plug sockets ensure that your source of entertainment never runs out of juice.

Flying to Bratislava: Since Bratislava is located near the borders of Austria and Hungary, you can visit three countries in one trip by flying to Bratislava airport. The number one option should definitely be visiting the capital of Slovakia. You can reach the city center with public transport within 30 minutes. Vienna, the capital of Austria is worth visiting and what’s best, you can take a FlixBus directly from the airport and be at Vienna city center in 75 minutes!

Your mission at Bratislava Airport

  • The mission is to find a mission and let us know about it!

Bus stop location

  • The bus stop is located directly next to the terminal.


  • Ivanská cesta 4356/39 - 820 01 Ružinov Slovakia

Popular connections

Vienna ↔ Bratislava Graz ↔ Bratislava Munich ↔ Bratislava

Vienna International Airport

Vienna international airport is located in Schwechat about 16 kilometers from the Austrian capital. It’s also near the Hungarian border and only an hour away from another European capital, Bratislava. The airport is modern, clean, easy to navigate, usually uncongested and has well-organized security checks.

Compared to other European airports, Vienna is on the smaller side. However that doesn’t mean you will be bored here. You can either relax in one of many cafés and bars or have a quick meal in a fast food restaurant or at Johann Strauss, a popular establishment serving traditional Austrian cuisine. Don’t forget to have a Sachertorte before you depart! Shopping is also quite fun at the airport. With over a hundred stores – with fashion, watches and jewelry, accessories, books and newspapers, souvenirs, gifts, electronics, delicacies and sweets and cosmetics - you will feel like you’re in a large shopping mall rather than an airport. If you feel like some duty free shopping, there are seven duty free stores at various convenient locations.

What to do at Vienna airport? When you’re done with shopping, just sit down on one of the many comfortable seats or at a chill out area and connect your phone or a laptop to the free unlimited Wi-Fi. There are many electric sockets throughout the airport and there are also many work areas at gates B and C, equipped with seats that have integrated electricity and USB sockets.

Bus stop location

  • The bus stop is located next to the train station "Flughafen Wien" and only a few steps away from Terminal 1.


  • Wien Flughafen Busstraße 1300 Schwechat

Popular connections

Bratislava ↔ Vienna Airport Budapest ↔ Vienna Airport Graz ↔ Vienna Airport

Nice Côte d'Azur Airport

Nice Côte d'Azur Airport is located 6 kilometers southwest from the city of Nice near the beautiful French Riviera. Although it is a smaller airport, thanks mostly to holiday traffic, it is the third busiest airport in France.

Flights to and from Nice: Our buses connect Nice airport with many French and Italian cities. The airport is an operating hub for easyJet and is therefore a convenient low-cost alternative to other nearby airports. With easyJet you can fly to many destinations from Greece to Scotland. If that is not enough for you, Nice is also a hub for AirFrance which covers nearly the entire world with their flight network. Are you headed in the opposite direction? Why not fly into Nice and take a bus trip along the Riviera to Marseille? Or for some shopping in Milan? Book your flight and bus ticket today!

Services at the airport: You can connect to the recently upgraded Wi-Fi network for free. In case you don’t have a laptop or a smartphone, you can use the airport’s computer rooms for a fee. Shopping at the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport is a treat! With up to 40 stores featuring the latest fashion trends you can really spark up your airport waiting time. Here you can actually buy some local products from Provence, which you can give as a present to your friends and family without the creepy feeling of ‘I bought this at the airport’. The restaurant selection is rather limited and most of the restaurants are located before security, so make sure to eat before heading to your gate. Various cafes will take care of your daily caffeine fix. 

Your mission at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport

  • The city of Nice and the entire Provence area is well-known for being a hot spot for holidays of celebrities...
  • That makes it a perfect place for celebrity spotting! Maybe the woman with a hat and large sunglasses is Angelina Jolie? Is that shy guy in a black t-shirt Bradley Cooper?
  • We want you to keep your eyes open and your cameras ready!

Bus stop location

  • The bus stop at Nice airport is located at the Terminal 1 bus station.


  • Nice Airport (Bus Stop Terminal 1) Boulevard Maryse Bastié 06200 Nice

Popular connections

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