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Traveling by coach is much more than just transportation! It also means visiting new places, having a great time and enjoying new experiences. Since our buses travel to more than 1200 destinations around Europe, we want to make it easier for you to start your next adventure. Do you feel like going on a European shopping spree? Are you planning a romantic getaway with your significant other? Are you searching for the perfect ski destination? We have countless ideas, recommendations and tips for you – all year round, for all occasions, everything from Christmas to Halloween. We can even pick you up or drop you off at one of several major airports! Get inspired by our travel tips for European bus travel.

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FlixBus is continually bringing the major cities of Europe ever closer to our doorstep and our potential for exploration is growing exponentially as a result. Traveling around Europe evokes that sense of euphoria we all seek in life and FlixBus is steadily becoming the epicenter of European travel. The best European vacations always ignite the imagination and conceive life lasting memories. FlixBus is developing into the catalyst in providing these opportunities. Planning a European trip has never been easier. The cheapest way to travel across Europe is by bus and this mode of transport is beginning to emerge as the most popular portal to escape. We’re not interested in taking you from just A to B, but A-Z and everywhere in between. Our travel tips page provides you with a travel guide to the continent so you can discover the best places to travel in Europe. Buying a FlixBus ticket can only make you richer.