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Bring your bike on the bus

Transport your bike from A to B with FlixBus

Want to go on a bike tour in the black forest, along the Seine, or simply roll through the streets of Amsterdam? The number of spots is endless – and the best thing about it – there is a FlixBus that takes you to all these places.

Can I take my bike on the bus? 

Yes, you can! Bikes are allowed on most FlixBuses, so you can experience great adventures wherever you want. Many buses in our fleet have a bike carrier at the back of the bus that allows you to transport your bike. Please note that we currently don’t offer any bike transportation on trips within UK.

When adding a bike in the booking process, all reservable trips will be carried out by a bus equipped with a bike carrier. For some search results, there might be the notification “This ride is fully booked”. This either means there are no seats left, or the bus is not equipped with a bike carrier. If the trip is reservable when setting the number of bikes to zero, this means the bus is indeed not equipped with a bike carrier. 

But don’t worry, you can still book this trip for you and your bike by booking the bike as ‘special baggage’. Your bike will then be transported in the baggage compartment. Please keep in mind the special regulations for bikes as special baggage below.

Bike Transportation on a Bike Carrier

  • Max. 5 bikes per bus
  • You do not need to dismantle your bike
  • Max. weight: 20 kg
  • No e-bikes, tandems, tricycles or folding bikes

How can I book a spot for my bike?

  • Add your desired number of bikes during the booking process
  • Book the trip for you and your bike
  • Bring your bike to the bus and mount it to the bike carrier

How much does it cost?

  • You can find the prices for bikes here
  • Please note that each listed price is valid for one single trip

Bike Transportation in the Baggage Compartment

  • Your bike is transported in the baggage compartment as ‘Special Baggage’
  • You can book 1 special baggage item per person
  • Folding bikes are allowed
  • Your bike must be transported in a bicycle bag
  • Max. length + width + height = 240 cm
  • You might need to dismantle your bike to meet the measurement requirements
  • Max. weight: 30 kg
  • No e-bikes, tandems or tricycles

How can I book my bike as special baggage?

Book your trip without adding any bikes during the booking process. Instead, book your bike as ‘Special Baggage’:

  • During the booking process
  • By calling our customer service at the earliest 48 hours before departure. (Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a spot for your bike due to limited space capacity.)

How much does it cost?

  • You can find the prices for ‘Special Baggage’ here
  • Please note that each listed price is valid for one single trip