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Seat reservations

Seat reservations

Would you like to be as comfortable as possible for your trip? Then reserve your preferred seat during the booking procedure now. You can now reserve your desired seat before your trip on almost all routes on our route network.

Are you travelling with a friend or with your family? Make sure that you sit together on your trip.

Lean back and enjoy the view on one of our panorama seats. Our table seats also give you more comfort.

With your preferred seat safely reserved for you, you'll have a relaxing and stress-free start to your trip.

Seat categories

You can choose between three categories for your FlixBus trip:

Better views during the your trip
More comfort at your table seat in our double-decker coaches
A seat of your choice
seat reservation via app

How do I reserve a seat?

If seat reservation is available on your trip, it is displayed during the booking process on the website or on the app after you enter the passenger information. 

It is also possible to reserve a seat in our agencies and shops.

The price for seat reservation depends on the seat type and the journey distance. You can find all prices for seat reservations here.

You will find your seat number on your ticket. Buses that allow seat reservations will indicate the seat numbers in dark gray at eye level along the overhead baggage compartment.

Adding, changing, and cancelling a seat reservation:

It is only possible to reserve a seat during the booking process. Unfortunately it is not currently possible to add a seat reservation after the booking process. If you want to cancel or change your seat reservation, click here.


Reserved seats are not assigned to specific people in your booking. Any member of the group can take any of the reserved seats.

How will I find my seat on the coach?

Depending on the route, either the whole coach can be reserved, or just individual rows. Seat reservation is not available for a small number of our coaches. 

If you reserved a particular seat, your seat number is on your ticket.

On coaches with seat reservation, you will find the seat numbers at eye level on the hand luggage compartment.
If you did not reserve a seat but you have been assigned a seat on your ticket, please sit on that seat.

If you did not reserve a seat and you have not been assigned a seat on your ticket, you may choose any free seat that cannot be reserved and is labelled with a green sticker. In this scenario, if you want a particular seat, we recommend arriving at the coach as early as possible. Passengers with limited mobility are of course given priority when selecting seats.