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Travel to Poland by coach

Poland is one of the most underrated vacation spots in Europe.  But the mix of beautiful and untouched natural landscapes as well as culturally and architecturally significant cities makes Poland one of the most interesting travel destinations in Central Europe.  For lovers of nature, the Sudeten  and Carpathian Mountains offer all sorts of opportunites to hike, mountain climb and ski. You can also enjoy nature in the many national parks and lake landscapes within the country.   Moreover, cities like Stettin and Danzig are perfect starting points for a summer swimming trip on the Polish Baltic Sea coast.

That said, Poland also has much to offer fans of urban sightseeing.  The interplay between rich cultural history and modern style make large cities like Warsaw, Krakow and Brelau travel destinations worth seeing.  FlixBus gives you the opportunity to travel with a coach cheaply and comfortably from numerous cities in Germany to the most beautiful destinations in Poland.

Two good arguments to spend your vacation in Poland

1. Historical center and Wawel in Krakow

Visit the historical center of Kraków

Through the historic center on the Royal Road

The historic center surrounding Planty Park as well as the nearby Wawel to the south have been UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1978.  Explore on your own or follow in the path of past kings on the way to their coronation as you cross through the historic center on the Royal Road headed to the Wawel.

Where does the Royal Road go through Krakow?

Begin your journey at St. Florian's Church on Matejko Square in the northern section of the historic center and cross the Barbican through the over 700 year old St. Florian's Gate into the actual historic center.  On ul.  Floriańska, you will have access to the Pharmacy Museum and smaller shops on Saint Mary's Basilica and Krakow's market square (Rynek Główny).  In the marketplace, your sight falls immediately to the imposing cloth halls in Renaissance style and the 70 meter (223.0 ft) tall town hall tower.  In the cloth halls, you will find cafes and souvenirs as well as exhibitions from the National and Historical Musuems in Krakow.

Continue following the Royal Road on ul.  Grodzka, past the Saints Peter and Paul Church and the Archaeological Museum on a side street, and walk to the Wawel

What is the Wawel?

The Wawel is the former residence of Polish kings and is located on a hill on the Vistula.  Below the hill is an accessible cave in which, according to legend, a dragon once lived who was slain by a knight named Krak.  The city of Krakow, named after the knight, was then founded on this spot.  On the hill itself, we recommend visiting the cathedral and the castle with the arcade courtyard.

2. Ulica Długa (Long Lane) in Gdansk

Visit the historical center of Gdansk

Shopping street between the Golden Gate and the Long Market

The ulica Długa or Long Lane is a famous shopping street in the heart of downtown Danzig.  South of Saint Mary's Basilica, it runs from the Golden Gate to the Long Market with the Neptune Fountain and the town hall.  From there, the road continues under the name Long Market to the east to the Green Gate and the Motlawa.

What is there to see on the Long Lane?

The Long Lane is home to numerous restaurants, cafes and smaller shops.  Despite the previously large influx of tourists, the small houses with colorful facades in Renaissance style along the Lane have not lost their unique Hanse city flair.  Musuem fans will find the Bernstein Museum behind the Golden Gate and the city's Historical Museum in the town hall.

One of the most famous houses on Long Lane is the red Uphagen's House, named after its first owner, Johan Uphagen.  Today it serves as a museum with furniture pieces from the 18th  century, the period in which the building was constructed.  Today's Uphagen House is, however, much younger, as many buildings in Danzig were completely destroyed during the Second World War and meticulously rebuilt afterwards.

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