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Take a long-distance coach to Sweden

Elk aren't the only ones who feel at home in Sweden. FlixBus brings you cheaply and comfortably to the home of Pippi Longstocking and Kalle Blomkvist.

On pleasant summer days, let the natural beauty that pervades the unique forests, lakes and skerry gardens of Sweden call on you to go hiking and camping. Lean back and enjoy paradise, it's exactly what you need. But the largest cities such as Stockholm, Malmö und Gothenburg also offer all kinds of opportunities for fans of culture and shopping on short exploration tours.

4 reasons why you should enjoy a holiday in Sweden!

1. Vasa-Museum in Stockholm

Discover the Vasa Museum in Stockholm

What is there to see in the Vasa Museum?

The showpiece of the exhibition is without a doubt the warship Vasa, sunk in 1628, for which the museum is known. In addition to more interesting information on the Vasa, you will also find four museum ships, including an icebreaker, outside the exhibition hall.

What are the museum's opening times?

The most-visited museum in Scandinavia is open all year (except for Christmas and New Years). From June to August, you can wonder at the Vasa between 8:30 am to 6 pm, and 10 am to 5 pm from September to May.

How do I get to the museum?

The museum is located on Djurgården island and shares a tram station with the Nordic Museum (Line 7). A local bus from Line 67 also stops there. It is about 10 minutes by foot over the Djurgårdsbron bridge from the Karlaplan subway station

2. Gothenburg Skerry Garden

Visit Gothenburg with a long-distance bus

What is a skerry garden?

Skerries, which are typical to Scandinavia and are small rocky islets left over from the Ice Age, dot the coastal landscape near Gothenburg. There are two larger groups of islands there as well, divided into northern and southern skerry gardens, that are great for swimming, hiking and exploring. The southern islands are not accessible with a car and can only be reached via ferry.

How do I get to the Northern Skerry Gardens?

Islands in the northern skerry garden such as Hönö and Björkö can be reached via bus as well as ferry. Ferries put down in Lilla Varholmen, and you can get there with bus line 24 or the Röd Express.

How do I get to the Southern Skerry Gardens?

Tram lines 9 and 11 stop in Saltholmen. You can get a ferry to the islands there, e.g. to Brännö, Vrångö or Asperö. During peak season, it may also be the case that a ferry heads directly to the islands from the Gothenburg city center. It is best to find out while you are there and use the opportunities that present themselves.

3. Open-air Skansen Museum in Stockholm

Discover the Skansen Museum

What is there to see at the Skansen Museum in Stockholm?

In the oldest open-air museum in the world, opened in 1891, you have the opportunity to learn about pre-industrial life in Sweden and get to know local animals up close. 150 traditional homes and farmhouses from all over Sweden were set up in the park. In traditional clothing, workers recreate the craftwork of the past, bringing it back to life. You can also observe local domesticated and wild animals, including elk, brown bears and wolves.

When is the open air museum open?

The Skansen is open almost all year starting at 10 am. However, during the winter certain houses are closed and some animals cannot be seen (key word: hibernation). Entry is thus cheaper during winter and there is less of a crowd (peak season is from May to September). The open-air museum is open until 10 pm from June 24th to August 31st.

Where is the Skansen?

The Skansen is located on Djurgården island and can be reached with bus 67 and tram line 7. However, we also recommend taking a walk from the city center over the Djurgårdsbron bridge if the weather is nice.

4. Stockholm historic city centre (Gamla Stan)

Explore Stockholm historic city centre (Gamla Stan)

What can I expect?

Cobblestones, narrow streets and gabled houses that trace back to the 13th century. The Stockholm historic city center is primarily located on Stadsholmen island. You can also visit the castle here, finished in 1750. In addition to having multiple museums, the daily changing of the palace guards also takes place here under the eyes of many tourists (12:15 pm, Sundays at 1:15 pm).

What can I do in the historic city center?

Sit it small cafes and restaurants, stroll past souvenir shops or go on tours through the old town. There are many classic camera subjects here such as the palace and Stortorget Square with its colorful gabled houses, the St. Nicholas' Church and the Tyska kyrkan (German Church). If you aren't claustrophobic, look for Marten Trotzigs gränd, the narrowest alleyway in Stockholm

How do I get to the old town city center?

The "City between the Bridges" is – surprise! – accessible via multiple bridges. Heading north, you can take, for instance, the Vasabron near the main train station or the Norrbro which takes you by the Medieval Museum. If heading south, walk over the large locks (sluices) or the Centralbron, which runs across the entire historic city center island. There is also a subway station (Gamla Stan) in the old town.

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