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Bus stations and stops in Coimbra

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Frequently asked questions

FlixBus offers affordable journeys from or to Coimbra starting at £2.99, with prices varying based on your departure location.
You can purchase your coach ticket to Coimbra using a payment card, Paypal, Google Pay, and others. Once in the payment section, you can see all the available options. If you're having trouble with the payment, check out our help section about payments. You can also pay cash if you buy your ticket on board or at a sales point.
Purchasing a coach ticket from/to Coimbra is straightforward. You can book online or use the free FlixBus App for the most convenient experience and best deals. On top, you can reserve your preferred seat type seat for your coach journey from/to Coimbra during the booking process. To pay for your coach ticket from/to Coimbra, FlixBus accepts several payment methods. You can also offset your carbon emissions by selecting the CO₂ compensation option while booking. Save on accommodation by taking an overnight coach if it suits your schedule.
There's a single coach stop in Coimbra. Find its location on this page's map.
You don't need to pack light when you're travelling from or to Coimbra on FlixBus. Your coach ticket includes FREE transportation of one hand luggage (30x42x18 cm, up to 7kg) and one piece of checked luggage (50x80x30 cm, up to 20 kg). For information on extra or special luggage, check this page. Many of our coaches come with bike carriers at the rear or have specialised bike covers. Check out this link for guidelines on taking your bike to Coimbra and consult this link for bike transportation costs.
On your coach journey from/to Coimbra, enjoy extra leg space, electrical outlets, and restrooms. Most of our coaches also offer free Wi-Fi. Make sure to bring with you all the devices you might need during your trip, as you will have the possibility to charge them at your seat.
You can reserve a seat on your journey to Coimbra during the booking process. Subject to availability, you can choose your seat from several categories, including panorama seats - for a better view during your trip, table seats - for more comfort, and bed seats- ideal for a relaxing journey. Check out our seat reservation price list for more information.
Yes, all FlixBus coaches from/to Coimbra are equipped for passengers with reduced mobility. We ensure our coaches are as comfortable and accessible as possible for all travellers. Service animals are allowed on board all our coaches travelling from/to Coimbra. Transport of wheelchairs and other mobility devices is free of charge.
Yes, children under 15 can take advantage of lower fares for coach rides from/to Coimbra. We calculate the most affordable rate for you, factoring in all available discounts. If a discounted fare is lower than the child fare, the same price will be applied. For more details, please read our child travel and seating policy. Foldable strollers can be taken on the coach from/to Coimbra free of charge.
If you booked your ticket online to Coimbra, you should have received a PDF booking confirmation via e-mail containing a QR code that serves as your ticket. If you booked through the FlixBus App instead, your ticket is automatically stored there. There is no need to print the ticket, you can show the digital version to the driver, and you're ready to board.

Discover Coimbra

On the banks of the river Mondego, Coimbra is famous for its University – the oldest in Portugal and one of the oldest in Europe – which has shaped its image as "the city of students". 150,000 people live here in the country’s third-largest city. During the 12th and 13th centuries, Coimbra was the capital of Portugal, and it has been moulded by various civilizations and cultures, including the Romans, the Moors, and the Christian conquerors. Today, Coimbra is a popular destination for tourists and students alike, offering a unique blend of ancient and modern attractions.

Why Visit Coimbra with FlixBus?

Coimbra is a unique and captivating destination that offers visitors a taste of Portugal's rich history and culture. One of the city's most notable features is its stunning architecture, with medieval and Baroque buildings nestled among winding streets and alleyways. The highlight of the city's architectural heritage is the University of Coimbra, which features stunning examples of Baroque and Manueline styles.

Coimbra's cultural offerings are equally impressive, with the city being home to a wealth of museums, galleries, and cultural events. The Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro is one such attraction, housing an impressive collection of Portuguese art and artefacts. Meanwhile, the annual Queima das Fitas festival is a must-see event for anyone visiting in May, as students from the university take to the streets in a vibrant celebration of their academic achievements.

Food is another highlight of Coimbra, described more below.

When to Visit Coimbra

Coimbra is most comfortable during the spring (March to May) or fall (September to November) when the weather is mild and pleasant – and the crowds are smaller than in the peak summer season. The winter season (December to February) is also a good time to visit if you don't mind cooler temperatures and occasional rain. Coimbra also hosts several festivals throughout the year, including the Festa das Latas in October and the Queima das Fitas in May, which can be great times to experience the local culture and festivities.

Top Coimbra Attractions

Coimbra attracts world travelers primarily because of its University of Coimbra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating to the 13th century, whose historic buildings include the Baroque-style Biblioteca Joanina, one of the world’s most beautiful libraries.

Another must-visit attraction is the Old Cathedral, a Romanesque-style church from the 12th century, featuring impressive Gothic and Baroque elements. You should definitely consider climbing to the top of the bell tower for a panoramic view of the city!

The Machado de Castro National Museum is another popular stop that features a vast collection of art and artefacts from the region's history, all housed in a former bishop's palace.

For nature lovers, there are many gardens not to be missed, too, such as those at Choupal, those at Quinta das Lágrimas, the setting for the story of D. Pedro and Inês de Castro, and the Botanical Gardens.

Getting Around Coimbra

Coimbra is best appreciated on foot, but the old town is very steep, so wear comfortable shoes. You’ll need public transportation (buses only, as there are no metro or tram services) if you want to go to the popular Forum Coimbra shopping mall up on a hill across the river. Get your tickets on the bus or from a kiosk or vending machine. Taxis are widely available, and there are also plenty of bikes and electric scooters, which offer a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around. Keep in mind that some areas of Coimbra may have steep hills, making walking often a challenge.

Food and Drink in Coimbra

Coimbra's cuisine reflects that of central Portugal, with an emphasis on hearty and flavourful dishes. One delicacy very specific to the region is leitão à bairrada, a succulent roast suckling pig. Other popular dishes include chanfana, a stew made with goat or lamb, and arroz de cabidela, a rice dish with chicken and blood. For dessert, taste the Santa Clara pastries filled with almond cream or the arrufadas (sweet buns) in one of the historic cafés in the city centre.

Good food is easy to find in the Baixa area and the streets around the university. For a traditional tavern experience, head to the historic district of Almedina. Coimbra also hosts a number of food festivals throughout the year, including the Feira Nacional de Artesanato e Gastronomia, which features local cuisine and crafts.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Coimbra

Coimbra is a vibrant university town with a lively nightlife scene. The historic city centre, particularly the streets around Praça da República, is a popular area for bars and clubs, with live music and DJs playing until the early hours. Visitors can also enjoy traditional Fado music in cozy bars and restaurants throughout the city. In May, the Queima das Fitas (Ribbon Burning) festival celebrates the end of the academic year with a week-long program of concerts, parades, and parties. During the summer, the Festas da Cidade (City Festivals) take place, with outdoor concerts and street performances. For a unique after-dark experience, visitors can take a romantic stroll along the Mondego river, illuminated by the city's iconic pedestrian bridge, the Ponte Pedro e Inês.

Plan Your Visit to Coimbra with FlixBus

The old university vibe of Coimbra alone is reason enough to visit this delightful and dynamic city. For the most affordable tickets, book in advance – the earlier you book, the cheaper your ticket will be! Climb aboard and enjoy your trip with our free Wi-Fi and spacious seats. Booking is easy – online, at a sales point, or with our FlixBusApp, which you can use to manage your bookings and use the digital tickets to get on board. Pay with credit card, Paypal, Google and Apple Pay. You can also pay in cash onboard or at a sales point. Travelling by bus is one of the most environmentally-friendly options available, as you reduce traffic-related emissions and you can help the planet by offsetting your CO₂ emissions when booking your ticket! Enjoy your FlixBus trip to Coimbra!

Coaches from or to Coimbra

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Looking for affordable tickets to Coimbra? We've got you covered with coaches to Coimbra from as little as £2.99 – and you can save even more when you book in advance. Hop on board and enjoy your trip with our free Wi-Fi and spacious seats. Booking your ticket is easy, whether you want to do it online, at a sales point, or with our FlixBus App. You can also use the App to manage your bookings and use the digital tickets to get on board. For the most affordable tickets, book on the App in advance – the earlier you book, the cheaper your ticket will be!

Why travel to Coimbra with FlixBus

FlixBus is the most affordable and convenient way to travel to Coimbra. There is 1 stop in Coimbra and you can reach it from 59 departure cities. Just check on the FlixBus network if you have a connection in your city! Booking a ticket with FlixBus is very simple: you can choose between different payment methods, such as credit card, Paypal, Google and Apple Pay. Book your ticket online in advance on our website or the FlixBus App, or pay in cash onboard or at a sales point. Travelling by coach is one of the most environmentally-friendly options available, as you reduce traffic-related emissions and you can help the planet by offsetting your CO₂ emissions when booking your ticket!

Onboard services

Travelling to Coimbra is a very comfortable experience: once you're on board your FlixBus, you can sit back, relax and enjoy our onboard services. Our coaches are equipped with toilets and power outlets, and to make your experience even nicer, they have free Wi-Fi, so you can catch up on emails or watch your favourite show as we take you to Coimbra. Do you like to travel by the window? When booking your ticket, you can reserve your preferred seat , and if you want more space or privacy, you can even book the seat next to you for some extra comfort! When it comes to luggage , you can bring whatever you want to Coimbra as one checked luggage and one hand luggage are included in your ticket, free of charge!

Onboard services are subject to availability