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Marseille (central bus station St Charles)

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Marseille: Quick information
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Things to do in Marseille

About Marseille

Marseille is a beautiful port city in the south of France and one of France’s most popular cities. This is partly due to its beautiful beaches overlooking the Mediterranean, which make the city very popular with holidaymakers during the summer months. If you want to hop on a coach to a large French city then Marseille is the right destination for you, as this southern city is the second largest in France after Paris. Marseille is particularly unique as the city is often acknowledged for its wealthy visitors whose boats are docked in one of the city’s many ports. For our passengers who would like to explore the history and culture of a vibrant, unique city – Marseille is perfect for you. Standing as France’s oldest city, Marseille has a wide range of museums and galleries that you can explore. Just as you would expect from a French city, the food and wine in Marseille is amongst the best in the world. Travel to Marseille with FlixBus!

Things to do in Marseille

Thanks to Marseille’s decadent location, our passengers have an array of opportunity when it comes to sightseeing in the French city. We would recommend taking a stroll around the city’s old port, “Vieux Port,” particularly in the summer months. After a gentle stroll sit back and relax in one of the port’s bars or enjoy a show in one of the theatres! Fancy continuing your sightseeing tour with a gentle hike to another beautiful sight? Head north of the old port where you will be transported to the medieval quarter of “Le Panier,” a historical quarter that is full of artisan shops! You should also look out for Marseille’s oldest, and in our opinion it’s most beautiful, museum – Musée des Beaux Arts. The museum hosts a collection of paintings and sculptures, however many people visit this particular museum as it lies in one of Marseille’s largest, greenest areas. This is the perfect location to have a family picnic or to catch some French sun!

Marseille: Culture & History

Like all of our destinations in France, Marseille has a rich and unique history that you can still see today through the buildings and character of the city. The city has been inhabited for over 30,000 years in the 4th Century BC; Marseille was one of the most important trading points of the ancient world, exporting many goods from their own wine to medicinal plants. Marseille, formerly Massalia, was the home of the world’s most famous explorers – Pytheas. When you’re travelling across the English Channel, pay a thought to the great explorer Pytheas who made a trip around the British Isles in 325 BC! To find out more about the history of the city of Marseille, you should visit the Marseille History Museum. As one of Europe’s largest history museums, a coach trip to Marseille will offer you an insight into the history of Europe as well as France and the city of Marseille itself.

Nightlife in Marseille

Marseille by night is truly magnificent. If you’ve strolled along the port by day, then we would definitely recommend you doing the same in the evening. The hustle and bustle of the bars and the lights shining from the boats will make you feel like you’ve travelled to a completely different city that the sunny, daylight Marseille! Marseille has it all – bars, clubs, terraces by the sea – there is something for everyone. We would recommend “Place Thiers” and “Cours Julien,” where you will find a selection of bars and cafes with a lively atmosphere. Fancy something a little bit different when you travel to Marseille? You should visit the underground bar “Carry Nation” which is deliberately difficult to find and will transport you to the 1920’s prohibition period.

Interesting facts about Marseille

During your stay in Marseille, you will be able to immerse yourself in southern French culture – this includes, of course, sampling some of the city’s local cuisine. You must try Bouillabaisse! Bouillabaisse is a traditional French dish that originated from Marseille, and it comes at no surprise that this port city dish is a fish stew. FlixBus offers you cheap travel to Marseille, so why not splash out in one of the city’s most extravagant restaurants and enjoy some luxury Bouillabaisse. “Le Citronnier” is a very popular and highly reviewed restaurant located in the city centre of Marseille – so why not spend your saved pennies on a special dinner?

Explore the surrounding areas of Marseille

Marseille is located in a beautiful area. Beautiful French landscapes, a large number of coves and beaches, and typical French villages all surround Marseille. You can explore the coves and beaches surrounding Marseille – you can take a boat and hike up the rocks, or just soak up the French sun. If you would like to explore some more French culture, then we would recommend you visit the small town of Aubagne. This small town is just 16km from Marseille and is surrounded by hills! Unlike Marseille, tourism isn’t very rife here, so you can really explore the French culture in a unique way! Take your coach to Marseille and explore the city and its surroundings.

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