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Bus stops in Salzburg

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Salzburg central station (Lastenstraße)

Salzburg South (Hellbrunner Landesstraße)

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Salzburg: Quick information
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Things to do in Salzburg

About Salzburg

Even though Salzburg is probably one of the oldest cities in Austria, the culture scene is large and complex. Salzburg is of course known as to many as the birthplace of Mozart, however an accurate explanation of this Alpine city was given by Hugo Von Hofmannsthal who said: “Salzburg is the heart of the heart of Europe.” Artistically, Salzburg is always thriving with a variety of traditional and modern art with one of the most popular art scenes in Europe. Salzburg does not just offer our bus passengers classical arts like opera and classical music, but also a variety of new and abstract arts. When Your bus arrives in Salzburg, You will notice almost immediately that there are many students, musicians and writers in the city, open to conversations and discussions. The quality of living in the city is very high and the nearby provinces of the city offers many opportunities to try different winter sports, weather permitting of course.

Things to do in Salzburg

In order to understand the long standing history of Salzburg, when Your bus arrives to Salzburg You should visit the old town, a ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site.’ The old town has countless restaurants, pubs and hotels and is situated between the “Kapuzinerberg” and the “Mönchberg,” two of five mountains that are directly in Salzburg. Here You will also find the baroque Salzburg Cathedral where St Peter’s Abbey is located next to it, the most famous monastery in the city. Also located in Salzburg’s old town is the “Hohensalazburg Festuing” which is the famous castle of the city. The castle first started to be built in 1077, and now lies as a beautiful silhouette in the background of the Austrian city. Throughout the city You will find alleyways and cobbled streets filled with cafes and bistros, with a romantic and inviting atmosphere for You to enjoy. Parallel to this part of Salzburg is the river Salzach, the river that was one of the biggest and most important parts of Salzburg’s economy as it was the main transportation system of salt. Your bus will drop You off directly next to the main train station, where all of Salzburg’s popular sights are comfortably accessible by foot, or public transport.

Salzburg: Culture & History

Directly opposite the central square of the old town is the birth house of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is on the Getriedgasse which is the oldest street in the city and used to be very important for trade. On January 27th 1756 the musical genius was born. At the delicate age of just seven years old, Wolfgang Amadeus played several concerts throughout Europe and soon became known as a child prodigy. During this time he already composed his first pieces, with his first opera being composed at the age of just nine. During Your visit to Salzburg a visit to zoo, one of the most popular zoos in Austria, is a must. Salzburg zoo is one of a few zoos in Europe to be home to rare and beautiful jaguars. Also for our young travellers there are many opportunities to discover wildlife, such as the petting zoo where You can stroke the goats and sheep, a must on a family trip to the Salzburg zoo.

Nightlife in Salzburg

Salzburg has always been known for its musicality, and has all different kinds of music to offer. It is not only classical music that is present in the city: in the middle of the 20th Century American jazz music came over the pond and consequently many jazz clubs were opened in Salzburg. Today the “Jazzit” is the most successful as it gives musicians a creative platform for them to develop and shine in front of an artistic audience at many events dedicated to music. Every Summer Salzburg is a city thriving with jazz music. The summer jazz festival takes place in the alleyways of the old town along the Salzach and attracts many visitors from overseas. Your bus will take You to Salzburg with a guarantee to enjoy some of Europe’s best jazz or classical music.

Interesting facts about Salzburg

If You decide to travel by bus to Salzburg between July and September then You are in luck as this is when the famous Salzburg festival takes place. This is said to be the greatest time to experience the city as You will not only see performances of Mozart’s work but also from countless different operas, street performers and a wide variety of artists. More than 250,000 visitors enjoy the Salzburg festival every year. Many of which choose to travel to Salzburg by bus for a guaranteed comfortable and low cost journey! For any musical theater fans amongst our bus travelers, You may know some areas of Salzburg from the classic 1960’s musical “The Sound of Music.” There are sightseeing tours and day trips which show You are the areas of Salzburg that were used in the film – the hills are alive!

Explore the surrounding areas of Salzburg

If You are visiting Salzburg, then You should pay a visit to the downtown of the city and visit the zoo and the museum of natural history. These two destinations are highly recommended as the house of nature offers a beautiful insight into wildlife, with the aquarium housing over 40 different pools full of sea life and the directly next to it an insight into the history of development offering our bus travellers a wide variety to explore. When traveling by bus, one of the greatest highlights of visiting Salzburg is a visit to the zoo, which has a variety of all different kinds of animals. Salzburg zoo is one of a few zoos in Europe to be home to rare and beautiful jaguars. Also for our young travellers there are many opportunities to discover wildlife, such as the petting zoo where You can stroke the goats and sheep, a must on a family trip to the Salzburg zoo.

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