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What do you need to know about Prague ?

General Information about Prague

General information about Prague

Prague is a fascinating city and is regarded as a cultural hub by many. It has been home to many of the Greats including Kings Charles IV, former president Václav Havel, and writer Jan Neruda. Prague Castle, one of the most popular attractions in in the city, is likely to have been founded in the late 9th Century and has been home to many a powerful figurehead, most recently seating the country’s president. The oldest parts of the castle however, haven’t been renovated since the completion of the castle. Every evening the world’s largest coherent castle is lit up in spectacular fashion and the display is a must see after disembarking your coach in Prague. St. Vitus Cathedral is a world famous cathedral, which was built in the 14th Century. The Tomb of John of Nepomuk is located in one of the towers, offering a breath-taking view of the Czech metropolis and the St. Vitus Cathedral itself. If you don’t fancy climbing the tower, then take a stroll along the Charles Bridge. It’s the only way to cross the River Vltava and it also connects the two sides of Prague. Charles Bridge is the oldest stone bridge in Europe, a national monument and a popular destination amongst our coach passengers. The bridge’s construction began in the 14th Century and over the decades that followed, construction continued with frequent renovation, including the rebuilding of the 75 statues, visible whilst walking across the bridge. 

See the sights in Prague

Things to do in Prague

When taking a coach to Prague, you should definitely visit Viktov Hill and take a look at the National Monument - the Jan-Zizka-Monument. Another national treasure which you can find near the river Vltava is the early medieval castle wall. You will also find “Vyšehrad” in this particular area of Prague, where some of the most famous Czech personalities are buried. In the Jewish quarter there is the Old New Synagogue, Europe’s oldest Synagogue, and the “Old Jewish Cemetery” with graves over three centuries old - one of the most important places to Jewish culture in Prague. Wenceslas Square is home to the main retail area of Prague. You can step off your coach and start shopping straight away! This area is named after St. Wenceslas, where his monument still stands in the centre of the square.

Where are the FlixBus coach stops in Prague?

Please note that there are 2 stops in Prague.

Bus Stop Prague bus station (ÚAN Florenc)

<p>Křižíkova 279/8<br />
, 186 00 Prague<br />
, Czech Republic</p>
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Prague bus station (ÚAN Florenc)

Křižíkova 279/8
186 00 Prague
Czech Republic

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Bus timetables and bus stops in Prague

Bus Stop Prague Main train station

<p>Wilsonova 8<br />
, 110 00 Praha <br />
, Czech Republic</p>
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Prague Main train station

Wilsonova 8
110 00 Praha 
Czech Republic

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Bus timetables and bus stops in Prague

Want to learn more about Prague?

Everything you need to know about the history and culture of Prague

Prague: Culture & History

Prague has a history spanning over 1,000 years, exemplified through the city’s unique range of architecture. Large areas of the city are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and should definitely be visited after your coach has dropped you off in Prague. A visit to the Anežský klášter is also a must. This is one of the first gothic buildings to be built on Bohemian soil and the Belvedere is one of the most accurate imitations of the building that can be found outside of Italy. Parisian flair exudes from the Eiffel Tower replica, and after you climb the almost 64 meters high structure, you can enjoy an incredible view of the Czech city. The Dancing House is another example of modern architecture which also overlooks the River Vltava. The top floor is where you will find one of Prague’s best restaurants ‘Ginger & Fred’.

The nightlife in Prague is very unique

How is the nightlife in Prague?

Like all of the great cities in Europe, Prague offers a lively night life, with a variety of bars, clubs and concerts. Night life in Prague is especially popular with our coach passengers due to its low cost! First and foremost, the Czech Republic is famous for its high quality beer. World famous brands like “Pilsner Urquell” or “Budweiser” stand out as the best beers in the world. In the countless bars and breweries in Prague, you can enjoy the cheapest and best quality beer! Some popular choices are the Pilsner Urquell Restaurant “Kolkovna,” which serves draft beer or “Novoměstský pivovar“, which is located right in the middle of the Wenceslas Square and serves some of the best beer around. For our coach passengers who would like to ‘dance the night away,’ Prague is the perfect destination. The “Karlovy Lázně” is the biggest club in central Europe – it’s open 7 nights a week, boasting 5 floors and an extensive choice of music - there is something for everyone! “Duplex” is another one of the most popular clubs in Prague. It is located near Wenceslas Square, where you can experience a proper Prague club before taking your coach back home!