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Aachen station west (Henricistraße)

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Aachen: Quick information
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Things to do in Aachen

About Aachen

Aachen is the most western city in Germany and lies on the border of three other European countries; Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. This city has a truly multicultural personality as a result. The ‘city of cathedrals’ is fascinating due to the contrast between the beautiful pieces of archaic architecture and their modern counter parts. Lose yourself in the streets of Aachen after you get off your bus. The historical ’Charlemagne Route’ dissects the entire city and boasts an array of eye-catching masterpieces – ‘Haus Löwenstein’ and ‘Büchelpalais’ are both worth a visit. You can also find one of Northern Europe’s oldest and most visited attractions here - the Aachen Cathedral, which also happens to be a UNESCO word heritage site. If you want to plan a trip in Europe but can’t decide where to go, Aachen is the perfect destination. It exudes a relaxing yet eclectic atmosphere.

Things to do in Aachen

It’s rare that you can set foot in three countries at once, but Aachen gives you the opportunity to do so! The junction at which Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet, is surrounded by a lovely park and numerous restaurants, and is accessible by bus or bike. The city hall (‘Rathaus’) is an impressive building that our bus travelers visit frequently. On the first floor you can find the coronation hall, presenting five breathtaking frescoes painted by Alfred Rethel. You can also catch a sight of the ‘Puppenbrunnen’ nearby, a fountain statue hidden in a small shopping passage, as well as the Market (Markt) where you can grab a bite to eat. If you’re travelling by bus to Aachen during the winter months you are in luck, as the city has an amazing Christmas market that you can explore!

Aachen: Culture & History

The most popular attraction in the city is the ‘Aachen Cathedral’. The building was originally a chapel in 800AD and has been continuously renovated throughout the ages. Widely regarded as a gothic masterpiece, this landmark has hosted numerous German coronation ceremonies. Precious stones, golden artwork and silver are just some examples of what is displayed in the cathedral’s treasury, which is also definitely worth visiting. Next to this stunning building stands the ‘Elisenbrunnen’, a neo-classical hall and home to the city’s famous fountain. Whether you’re interested in gothic or baroque architecture or artefacts from the renaissance, Aachen has it all!

Nightlife in Aachen

After a busy day of sightseeing, you should get ready for a fun night out on the town in Aachen! The city has many pubs and bars offering warm atmospheres and rather cheap prices – there is something for every taste. ‘Apollo Kino & Bar’ is a small cinema where you can relax and watch a film, and then enjoy a drink in the bar afterwards. Beer and cocktail lovers should check out ‘Café Egmont.’ If you want to experience the intense side to Aachen’s nightlife then head to ‘Grotesque Absinth-Bar’. If you can’t decide on just one and end up visiting every single spot, don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to rest on your FlixBus back home!

Interesting facts about Aachen

Are you travelling by bus to Aachen? Then do as the Romans did! The city is famous for its hot springs and baths where tourists frequently relax and pamper themselves for a few days. Even the city’s name is derived from the Latin ‘aqua’, demonstrating how far the city’s SPA-history dates back. People have been coming here since Celtic times just to enjoy the hottest springs in Western Europe. Also, did you know that the first ever discothèque was opened in 1959 in Aachen? The ‘Scotch-Club’ had people dancing until its closure in 1992, but another similar disco, ‘Le Bistro’, is still open on the other side of the street.

Explore the surrounding areas of Aachen

Due to Aachen’s location, traveling further afield and exploring another country has never been easier! However, in case you don’t want to leave Germany just yet, Cologne, Düsseldorf or Dortmund are only a few hours away. To the West lies Brussels and Amsterdam, two grand capitals that await you with bustling atmospheres and amazing cuisines. Aachen is perfect if you want to discover more of Europe!

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