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Bus stations and stops in Nottingham

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Frequently asked questions

FlixBus offers coach journeys from or to Nottingham starting at £2.99. However, keep in mind that the price may differ based on your departure location, when you book, and any available discounts or promotions. To secure the most affordable rates, consider booking in advance.
Paying for your coach ticket from or to Nottingham is easy with FlixBus. You can use various methods like payment cards, Paypal, and Google Pay. Once you're at the payment stage during booking, all options will be visible. If you face any issues, our help section about payments is there to guide you.
Getting a coach ticket from or to Nottingham is straightforward with FlixBus. You can book directly on this website or use the free FlixBus App for a seamless experience. During the booking process, you can also opt to reserve a specific seat and choose the CO₂ compensation option to offset your carbon emissions. If it fits your plans, overnight coaches might save you accommodation costs.
Nottingham boasts 3 coach stops. To view their exact locations, check out this map.
When you travel from or to Nottingham with FlixBus, you're entitled to one piece of hand luggage and one checked bag at no extra charge. Specific dimensions are provided for hand luggage 30x42x18 cm, up to 7kg, and checked luggage 50x80x30 cm, up to 20 kg. If you have special items or a bicycle, there are guidelines and potential fees you should be aware of. Check here for detailed luggage information and here for bike-related details.
On your journey from or to Nottingham, FlixBus ensures your comfort with features like extra leg space, electrical outlets at seats, and on-board restrooms. Plus, most coaches come equipped with free Wi-Fi, so you can stay connected during your trip. Remember to bring your devices as you'll be able to charge them.
Yes, you can. When booking your coach journey from or to Nottingham, you'll have the opportunity to reserve a particular seat. Depending on availability, options range from seats with better views to ones with tables or even beds. For a detailed overview and associated costs, visit our seat reservation page.
Absolutely. FlixBus ensures that all coaches travelling from or to Nottingham are equipped to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and inclusive travel experience for everyone. Also, service animals are welcome on all our coaches.
Yes, for coach trips from or to Nottingham, children under 15 enjoy discounted fares. FlixBus automatically calculates the best rate, considering all available discounts. If there's a promotional fare lower than the standard child fare, that price will be applied. For detailed information, see our child travel and seating policy. And good news for parents: foldable strollers can be brought on board for free.
Once you've booked your ticket online for a journey from or to Nottingham, you'll receive an email containing a PDF booking confirmation. This document has a QR code which acts as your ticket. If you've booked via the FlixBus App, your ticket will be saved there. Simply show the digital QR code to the driver when boarding.
If you need to adjust or cancel your coach trip from or to Nottingham, FlixBus allows you to do so up to 15 minutes before departure. For the specifics on how to go about it, refer to our cancellation policy and booking modification guide.
Definitely! FlixBus offers a Real-Time Coach Tracker which allows you to monitor your coach's progress when travelling from or to Nottingham.

Plan your trip to Nottingham 


If you are looking for a unique and exciting travel experience, Nottingham is the perfect destination. Nottingham is a historic city in the East Midlands of England and has been around since the Anglo-Saxon era. It is known for its many castles, old towns, and natural beauty that are worth exploring. Plus, with convenient transportation options like FlixBus, it is easy to visit this beautiful city. 

Top things to see in Nottingham 

From its history to its modern vibrancy, Nottingham has plenty to offer. If you are planning a trip to Nottingham, there are a few must-see attractions that you will not want to miss: 


Nottingham Castle 

Nottingham Castle is a castle located in the city of Nottingham, England. It is a Grade I listed building and is a major tourist attraction in the city. Here are some interesting facts about Nottingham Castle: 

Nottingham Castle was originally built in the 11th century by the Normans, and it has a long and varied history. It has served as a royal palace, a military stronghold, and a prison, and it has played a significant role in the history of the city and the country. The castle is located on a high cliff overlooking the city of Nottingham, and it has commanding views of the surrounding area. It is built of sandstone and has several notable features, including a moat, a gatehouse, and several towers. Nottingham Castle is known for its association with the legend of Robin Hood, who is said to have lived in the surrounding forest and robbed from the rich to give to the poor. The castle is often depicted as the home of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who was the enemy of Robin Hood in the legend. The castle has undergone a few renovations and restorations over the years, and it has a mix of architectural styles. The castle's interiors have been restored to reflect different periods in its history, and they include a number of exhibits and displays about the castle's past. Nottingham Castle is a popular tourist attraction and is visited by thousands of people each year.  


The City of Caves 

The City of Caves is an underground network of caves located in Nottingham and offers visitors a unique opportunity to discover the hidden history of the city. The City of Caves is a collection of man-made caves, excavated out of sandstone, which date back to the medieval period. The caves were used for a variety of purposes throughout history, including as a tannery, a public house, and as a bomb shelter during World War II. The caves also served as a home for Nottingham's poorest citizens, known as "cave dwellers", in the 19th century. Visitors to the City of Caves can explore the different levels of the caves and discover the different uses that the caves have had throughout history. The City of Caves is also home to a number of interactive exhibits, including a replica medieval tannery, where visitors can see how leather was made in the past. There are also exhibits of artifacts found within the caves and information about the local history. It is easy to reach by public transportation and offers a gift shop and a café on-site.  


Wollaton Hall 

Wollaton Hall is a breath-taking Tudor-style mansion located in the city of Nottingham, England. The building is a Grade I listed and a major tourist attraction in the city. Wollaton Hall was built in the 16th century by Sir Francis Willoughby, a wealthy merchant and member of the gentry. The hall was designed by the architect Robert Smythson, who was known for his work on other notable houses of the period. The history of the hall is rich, serving as a family home, a hospital during World War II, and now it is a museum with beautiful galleries, displaying the Natural History and Industrial heritage of the region. One of the most striking features of Wollaton Hall is its architecture. The grand exterior of the building is made of local Ancaster Stone and features intricate carvings, chimneys, and towers. Inside, the hall boasts a Great Hall, Library, Dining Room, and other state rooms that are lavishly decorated with carvings, plasterwork, and tapestries.  

The Hall also contains an impressive collection of antlers, animal mounts and fossils. The beauty of Wollaton Hall extends beyond the building, with beautiful gardens and parkland surrounding it. The gardens are a mix of different styles, including the formal Elizabethan Garden, the wilder, more natural-looking Deer Park, and the two lakes. The garden offers a great opportunity to stroll, relax, and admire the plants and flowers that are on display. Wollaton Park is home to many species of wild animals, including red and fallow deer, peacocks, and several types of birds. There's also a small lake where you can see different types of ducks and swans. The park offers lovely walks, ideal for nature enthusiasts. Visiting Wollaton Hall is an absolute must when visiting Nottingham, and it offers a glimpse into the city's rich history, architecture, and nature. It's easy to reach by bus, and the FlixBus will take you there in no time. 


Newstead Abbey 

Newstead Abbey is a former monastery located in Nottinghamshire, England. It is a Grade I listed building and is now open to the public as a museum. Here are some interesting facts about Newstead Abbey: 


Newstead Abbey was founded in the 12th century by Henry II as a monastery for the Order of Saint Augustine. It was originally called Newstead Priory and was a centre of learning and scholarship. The abbey was dissolved by King Henry VIII in 1536 as part of the Suppression of the Lesser Monasteries, and the monastic buildings were dismantled. The site was later purchased by Sir John Byron, who converted the remaining buildings into a country house.  

Newstead Abbey is a large and impressive building, with a mix of architectural styles ranging from Norman to Gothic. The main architectural style is Gothic. It is surrounded by formal gardens and parkland, and it has a few notable features, including a cloister, a chapel, and a library. Newstead Abbey is known for its association with the poet Lord Byron, who was the grandson of Sir John Byron. Lord Byron lived at the abbey for a time and is buried in the churchyard. The abbey is home to several Byron's personal possessions, including his books, manuscripts, and letters. 


The Sky Mirror 

The Sky Mirror is a large, stainless-steel sculpture located in Nottingham and offers visitors an opportunity to see the city from a different perspective. The Sky Mirror is a concave, reflective sculpture that sits on the edge of a pond. It was created by artist Anish Kapoor, who is known for his large-scale public sculptures. The sculpture is made of stainless steel and is about 35 feet in diameter and reflects its surrounding, the water and the sky. Visitors to the Sky Mirror can walk around the sculpture and enjoy the reflections of the sky and the surrounding area. It's a great spot to take photos of the surrounding area, especially during the sunset or sunrise. The Sky Mirror is in a park near the city centre, it is free to visit and is accessible by public transportation. 



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FlixBus has the lowest-fare tickets to Nottingham. There are 79 destinations in United Kingdom, and you can travel to many other countries, so no matter where you're travelling from, we can get you to Nottingham. It couldn't be easier to book a bus ticket to Nottingham with FlixBus. Tickets to Nottingham start from only £2.99, subject to availability. Always book in advance and travel off-peak if you can. Don't forget to download the FlixBus App to find the best deals, manage your bookings, and get up-to-date information about your trip. With the app, you don't need to print your ticket you can show your e-ticket to the driver.

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Getting to or departing from Nottingham with FlixBus couldn't be easier! With 17 routes connecting Nottingham, finding your way will be faster than saying Flix. You can book a trip from or to Nottingham at our shops or purchase your ticket on board. If you want to do it digitally, you can book your trip on our website or with the FlixBus App. You can pay for your tickets with credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay. When you choose FlixBus, you're choosing to travel from or to Nottingham in one of the most environmentally-friendly ways, helping reduce traffic-related emissions, and you can support our sustainability vision even further by offsetting your CO₂ emissions when booking your trip.

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