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Bus stations and stops in Freiburg

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Frequently asked questions

FlixBus offers affordable journeys from or to Freiburg starting at £2.99, with prices varying based on your departure location.
You can purchase your coach ticket to Freiburg using a payment card, Paypal, Google Pay, and others. Once in the payment section, you can see all the available options. If you're having trouble with the payment, check out our help section about payments. You can also pay cash if you buy your ticket on board or at a sales point.
Purchasing a coach ticket from/to Freiburg is straightforward. You can book online or use the free FlixBus App for the most convenient experience and best deals. On top, you can reserve your preferred seat type seat for your coach journey from/to Freiburg during the booking process. To pay for your coach ticket from/to Freiburg, FlixBus accepts several payment methods. You can also offset your carbon emissions by selecting the CO₂ compensation option while booking. Save on accommodation by taking an overnight coach if it suits your schedule.
Freiburg has 3 coach stops. Visit this page for their map locations.
You don't need to pack light when you're travelling from or to Freiburg on FlixBus. Your coach ticket includes FREE transportation of one hand luggage (30x42x18 cm, up to 7kg) and one piece of checked luggage (50x80x30 cm, up to 20 kg). For information on extra or special luggage, check this page. Many of our coaches come with bike carriers at the rear or have specialised bike covers. Check out this link for guidelines on taking your bike to Freiburg and consult this link for bike transportation costs.
On your coach journey from/to Freiburg, enjoy extra leg space, electrical outlets, and restrooms. Most of our coaches also offer free Wi-Fi. Make sure to bring with you all the devices you might need during your trip, as you will have the possibility to charge them at your seat.
You can reserve a seat on your journey to Freiburg during the booking process. Subject to availability, you can choose your seat from several categories, including panorama seats - for a better view during your trip, table seats - for more comfort, and bed seats- ideal for a relaxing journey. Check out our seat reservation price list for more information.
Yes, all FlixBus coaches from/to Freiburg are equipped for passengers with reduced mobility. We ensure our coaches are as comfortable and accessible as possible for all travellers. Service animals are allowed on board all our coaches travelling from/to Freiburg. Transport of wheelchairs and other mobility devices is free of charge.
Yes, children under 15 can take advantage of lower fares for coach rides from/to Freiburg. We calculate the most affordable rate for you, factoring in all available discounts. If a discounted fare is lower than the child fare, the same price will be applied. For more details, please read our child travel and seating policy. Foldable strollers can be taken on the coach from/to Freiburg free of charge.
If you booked your ticket online to Freiburg, you should have received a PDF booking confirmation via e-mail containing a QR code that serves as your ticket. If you booked through the FlixBus App instead, your ticket is automatically stored there. There is no need to print the ticket, you can show the digital version to the driver, and you're ready to board.

Things to do in Freiburg (i.Br.)

About Freiburg (i.Br.)

Freiburg (also known as “Freiburg im Breisgau”) has around 230,000 inhabitants and is one Germany’s biggest southern cities. Freiburg is a historical and cultural hub, not to mention being the seat of the regional council. It is often described as the heart of the Black Forest. The city also holds a strong image elsewhere, thanks to its title of “ecological capital” and is internationally known as the “Green City” – due to its picturesque settings and large areas of woodland. Freiburg is famous for its beautiful surroundings – where mountains, hills and vineyards all overlook the city. Even the Schauinsland summit of 1284 meters belongs to the city and can be explored when your bus arrives to Freiburg. The University of Albert Ludwig was founded in 1457 along with countless other institutes for teaching and researching, making Freiburg a city of scientific foundation as well as a hub for industrial companies. Any visitor to Freiburg will always leave with wonderful memories, making the city a valuable visit. Countless tourists travel to Freiburg every year by bus, train or car and all wanting to discover the attractive old town or experience the bustling atmosphere in Muensterplatz (the main square). Tourists who only plan a short break in Freiburg and will soon hop back onto their bus, should definitely visit the ‘Planetarium’ next to the main train station. Any of our bus travelers who are interested in our galaxy should definitely visit this museum. The Freiburg Baechle are also a unique intriguing landmark in Freiburg; they are small water channels that can be seen at the side of most roads and alleys in the old town.

Things to do in Freiburg (i.Br.)

Bus travelers to Freiburg must have seen the Freiburg Minster – the most famous landmark of the city. This cathedral was built between 1200 and 1513 and still contains its original stained glass windows. Inside the church there are many art treasures, as well as the two altars, the “high altar of Hans Baldung” and the “Hans Holbein the Younger.” The Gothic tower is an impressive 116 meters high, towering above all other buildings in the city. Jacob Burckhardt, a well known art historian, has even referred to it as one of the most beautiful towers throughout Christendom. The Minster is also known for being a gothic architectural masterpiece, its remarkable carillon consists of a staggering 19 bells. The square in front of the cathedral, known as the “Muensterplatz” is the biggest square in the city and every morning (except Sundays) you will find the market here. There are other markets that are located in the square in front of the cathedral, such as the farmer’s market on the North side of the square, which you can visit as soon as your bus arrives to Freiburg. The square was previously used as a cemetery in the middle ages, evidence of this can be seen from the outlines of the former plaster ossuary. At the main entrance of the cathedral you will see three columns made from sand stone which date back to 1719. Another square in the old town is the “Augustinerplatz.” It is surrounded by Augustinian Monastery as well as the remains of the city wall. In “Augustinerplatz” you will see a showcase of Mediterranean flair through the staircase located there, in the summer months our bus travelers can feel like they are visiting the Spanish Steps in Rome.

Freiburg (i.Br.): Culture & History

Taking a bus to Freiburg means that you can immerse yourself a little deeper into its history by making a trip to the city’s history museum, which you will find in the late Baroque “Wentzingerhaus.” The exhibits here cover all periods from 110 to the Baroque period, with an impressive display of models of the city from the 17th and 18th Century’s. The focus of the museum lies on the history of trade and commerce, the monasteries and also the Universities in and around Freiburg. After visiting the museum, our bus passengers who are interested in art and culture should not miss a trip to Freiburg’s theater. It is a theater that offers productions from three different genres: acting, musical theater and ballet. Before boarding your bus be sure to check online in advance what will be on offer when you arrive into Freiburg – then you won’t miss out! An attractive characteristic of Freiburg its countless musical opportunities that our bus passengers can take advantage of. This can be seen alone with the music school, which has been open since 1946. An outstanding example of Freiburg’s famous orchestras is the SWR Symphony orchestra of Baden-Baden and Freiburg, which exhibits a new style of interpretative, orchestral music. Once you have visited Freiburg you will realize that not only can you experience such a cultural delight, but that your FlixBus journey will be efficient and safe!

Interesting facts about Freiburg (i.Br.)

For those who like to have a dip in cool water, whether its summer or winter, then choosing your bus travel to Freiburg is definitely the right decision. You will find nine indoor swimming pools and three open-air swimming pools. For those who prefer to relax they can sunbathe on the large lawn – every bus traveler will be satisfied!

Explore the surrounding areas of Freiburg (i.Br.)

When choosing your bus travel to Freiburg, upon arrival you can immediately relax by the Arlesheimer lake – one of Freiburg’s most beautiful nature areas. It is named after the Swiss town of Arlesheim, located near Basel. The lake’s water spans across 8 acres and is surrounded by a swamp forest. Another recommendation for our bus travelers is to visit the “Jesuitenschloss,” an estate in Merzhausen just outside of Freiburg. Visitors to “Jesuitenschloss” will get a beautiful view of not only Freiburg but also the Kaisterstuhl and the Black Forest. The name derives from the castle’s previous owner, the Jesuits, who received the castle as a gift. The mansion was supposedly built in 1666, although this date is frequently debated and questioned. Today the property is used as a wine tasting room and a large exhibition hall, both of which our bus travelers can visit.

Coaches from/to Freiburg

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With FlixBus, it’s easy to travel to Freiburg, as 153 rides are available starting from only £2.99 depending on the departure city, date and time. Also, Freiburg has 2 FlixBus bus stops, so reaching the city center is pretty simple. Booking a coach ticket to Freiburg is effortless: you can book on our website or through the FlixBus App. If you prefer paying cash or if you're a last-minute traveller, you can also get your ticket at our shops or aboard the FlixBus. Booking in advance with our app guarantees the lowest fares, and you get your ticket digitally in the app, so you don't have to print your ticket before hopping onboard, sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a comfortable ride to Freiburg!

Why travel to Freiburg with FlixBus

You can get to Freiburg from 153 different cities, and when it’s time to move on, there are as many connection from Freiburg to other destinations. No matter the journey, coach travel is always a better and more sustainable choice than other means of transportation (on a person/km basis, travelling by bus is more environmental-friendly than driving, flying and, in certain countries, even going by train). Plus, when you ride with FlixBus, you can offset your CO₂ emissions by clicking the CO₂ compensation box when you book your ticket, helping the planet and supporting us towards our sustainability goals! You can get your ticket at one of our service desks and pay cash or with a payment card. You can also book it on our website or our FlixBus app with a credit card, PayPal or Google Pay if you're a more digital person. Then you can look forward to enjoying our onboard services including free Wi-Fi, plenty of legroom, comfortable seats and power outlets.

Onboard services

Reserve a seat when you book your FlixBus ticket to Freiburg online or in the app. Whether you want peace and quiet or to sit close to your friends, we've got seat reservation options that suit everyone. Choose a classic seat or a table seat if you need a little extra space to work or relax. You can also go for a panorama seat at the front of the bus for a great view or book a spare seat next to yours and enjoy that extra space. There's no need to worry about what to pack when you travel with FlixBus, as we offer hand luggage and check-in luggage to every traveller. After stowing your luggage, head to your seat and enjoy our onboard services, including free Wi-Fi on most buses. All our buses have toilets and power outlets.

Onboard services are subject to availability