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Frequently asked questions

To book your ticket to Velká Bíteš with FlixBus, you can visit our website, select your departure and arrival cities, and pick your travel dates. To find the best deals, buy your tickets, and manage all your bookings, download the FlixBus App!
There is 1 bus stop in Velká Bíteš. You can find its location on the map on this page.
FlixBus is one of the most affordable and convenient ways to travel to Velká Bíteš! Depending on where you are traveling from, coach tickets to Velká Bíteš cost as little as £0.99. Book in advance or travel during the week to Velká Bíteš to get the best savings.
If you booked your ticket online to Velká Bíteš, you should have received a PDF booking confirmation via e-mail containing a QR code that serves as your ticket. If you booked through the FlixBus App instead, your ticket is automatically stored there. There is no need to print the ticket, you can show the digital version to the driver, and you're ready to board.
You can reserve a seat on your journey to Velká Bíteš during the booking process. Subject to availability, you can choose your seat from several categories, including panorama seats - for a better view during your trip, table seats - for more comfort, and bed seats- ideal for a relaxing journey. Check out our seat reservation price list for more information.
You can purchase your coach ticket to Velká Bíteš using a payment card, Paypal, Google Pay, and others. Once in the payment section, you can see all the available options. If you're having trouble with the payment, check out our help section about payments. You can also pay cash if you buy your ticket on board or at a sales point.
You can book your coach ticket to Velká Bíteš from as little as £0.99. You book your ticket on our website or in the app. Book in advance to get the best deals!

Coaches to Velká Bíteš

Find the most affordable coaches to Velká Bíteš

FlixBus has the lowest-fare tickets to Velká Bíteš. There are 73 destinations in Czech Republic, and you can travel to many other countries, so no matter where you're travelling from, we can get you to Velká Bíteš. It couldn't be easier to book a bus ticket to Velká Bíteš with FlixBus. Tickets to Velká Bíteš start from only £0.99, subject to availability. Always book in advance and travel off-peak if you can. Don't forget to download the FlixBus App to find the best deals, manage your bookings, and get up-to-date information about your trip. With the app, you don't need to print your ticket you can show your e-ticket to the driver.

Why travel to Velká Bíteš with FlixBus

Getting to Velká Bíteš with FlixBus couldn't be easier! With 15 routes to Velká Bíteš, finding your way will be faster than saying Flix. You can book a trip to Velká Bíteš at our shops or purchase your ticket on board. If you want to do it digitally, you can book your trip on our website or with the FlixBus App. You can pay for your tickets with credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay. When you choose FlixBus, you're choosing to travel to Velká Bíteš in one of the most environmentally-friendly ways, helping reduce traffic-related emissions, and you can support our sustainability vision even further by offsetting your CO₂ emissions when booking your trip.

Onboard services

Ready to book your trip to Velká Bíteš? Don't forget to reserve your seat in advance for the best travel experience! Subject to availability, you can choose from a classic, table, or panorama seat or book an additional seat beside yours if you want the extra space. You can also bring a hand luggage and check-in luggage, free of charge . Once aboard, all you have to do is sit back and relax with our free onboard Wi-Fi, the extra legroom, power outlets, and toilets.

Onboard services are subject to availability